Monday, 6 November 2017

WLR Review And Rate Classic Albums During November

Throughout this month we are going to take a look at albums regarded as classics from the 80s and one or two from the late 70s and give you our comments, and our rating of each album.

Each day, during November, we will focus on one album.

To rate the albums we rate each track on the album as either 3 (Outstanding), 2 (Good), 1 (ok) and 0 (Hate it). Those points are totalled up and then divided by the maximum points the album could get (EG 10 tracks would equal 30 points, 10 x 3). Then times the figure by 100 and that gives you your percentage rating. This is a very good indicator of how you rate an album.

Ok, on to our first classic album, which is "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) by David Bowie, this is our favourite Bowie album and is a solid album from start to end, it was released in September 1980 and reached number 1 in the UK albums chart. The album included the singles "Ashes To Ashes", "Up The Hill Backwards", "Fashion" and of course the title track "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)".

Our track recommendations are the singles listed above, with the exception of "Fashion" (rated good not outstanding). The album contains no tracks we hate.
Our overall rating for this album is 60/100

The album is available from Amazon here

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