Friday, 31 May 2019

The New Machinista Album "Anthropocene" Reviewed

Machinista are a dark electronic pop duo based in Sweden, consisting of Richard Flow (music) and John Lindqwister (vocalist/lyric writer).

Machinista Promo Photo by Jörg Seiche

I was fortunate to pretty much discover them at the start of their music journey, when they released the "Arizona Lights" EP at the back end of 2013, early 2014, since then they have gone from strength to strength.

Their stunning album "Xenoglossy", released in 2014 was warmly received and featured tracks such as, Molecules And Carbon", "Salvation", "Pushing The Angels Astray" and of course "Arizona Lights", as well as, a spectacular cover version, of the David Bowie track, "Heroes" (The bands first ever recording).

The album was released on the Juggernaut Music Group label.

In 2015 the band signed to the Manchester based independent label Analogue Trash and released their second album "Garmonbozia", equally as impressive as their debut album, with powerful tracks, such as, "Picture Frame Eternity", "Dark Heart Of Me", "Surprised By Death" and "We Are Rockets". In what proved to be a very busy year for the band they also re-released "Xenoglossy", as a double album, featuring a set of remixes, again released on the Analogue Trash record Label.

In 2016 the band changed record labels and moved over to the Infacted Recordings label in Germany, this move prompted 2 singles being released, one, "Pain Of Every Day" on the Analogue Trash Label and a second single, "Seconds Minutes Hours" on their new label, Infacted Recordings.

Two further singles were released as a taster for the new album "Anthropocene", "Let Darkness In", in 2017 and "Black Tide", in 2018.

And now we have the eagerly awaited third album "Anthropocene".......

To open proceedings we have the single "Seconds Minutes Hours", crunching guitars, a hypnotic bassline and the dark synth backdrop, provided by Richard, is a perfect fit for John's vocals, and as you would expect, high quality lyrics, a strength of John's work in the partnership, it has a brilliant melodic chorus, that will certainly be a big favourite amongst their increasing fanbase. A solid start to both the quality of the music and vocals.

"Let Darkness In", continues in a similar vein to the opening track, however, the synth work is more atmospheric and darker, fabulous chorus line again, I really like Richards music on this track, he has a wonderful gift of creating powerful and prominant bass-lines, a key feature in Machinista's work. Outstanding vocal delivery by John once again. A track that fans will undoubtably, have high on their list, for favourite Machinista tracks, it's high on my list!

Next we have a new track "Angel" and what a superb song it is, the bass-line is what dominates the song and I love the sequencer melody line, a more mellow track with a very strong chorus element, I like the use of synth pads, on the second part of the song a piano riff is added to great effect, more piano as the song develops, which is outstanding, good use of guitar, following the bass elements, this is a bloody good track, fantastic! The harmony vocal at the end is genius.

"Black Tide" highlights John's vocal strengths, he puts emotion into his voice, musically very strong too, I again like the use of piano, as it works really well against the electronics, strong pads and impressive melodies throughout this gem of a track, as you would expect it has a strong chorus too.

Following that we have an instrumental piece called "Dream Is Black, Black Is Dream (Interlude)" which sounds very "science fiction" and could very easily be a soundtrack piece for a film, strong drums and synth leads.

"Astrid" also boasts a strong rhythm section and soundtrack strings, which are beautifully arranged. This is the ballad on the album and is outstanding, again Richard has excelled with the music he has created for this song, it reminded me a little of Joy Division, in parts. Achingly beautiful vocals by John. This is epic on a grand scale, without doubt one of, if not, the best track on the album for me, perfection.

"Universe Is Here" packs more of a punch, with its imposing synth bass-line and a chorus that fans will love, Richard has a wonderful ear for music, the way he mixes different sounds is truly impressive, a track that could very easily have been written, in the early days of Machnista. I like the different layers in this track, and it is more minimal than some of the rest of the tracks on the album, but that doesn't affect the quality of the song.

One of the first songs written for this album was "Pain Of Every Day", that was released as a single in 2016 and has all the ingredients you would expect from a Machinista track, powerful sound, strong vocal delivery, dark synthpop, the perfect choice for a single, I like the way guitar is used on some of their tracks, not imposing, but plays an important part, alongside the bass and chord structures.

Next up we have "The Scare (Version)", a song in which John meanders his lyrics effectively, you always feel he tells a story, with his style of lyric writing. Another example of a mighty fine chorus, I like the choir sounds used, as they add to the atmospherics of the song. Great use of guitar again alongside Richards synth work.

The title track "Anthropocene" follows next, a fantastic melodic intro, light choirs a very nice touch, it builds up really well, the synth melody line is very effective, similar to the way that the melody in "Dark Heart Of Me" controlled that particular track, it does on this one. Hypnotic and haunting are the two words that best describe this song.

And so we come to the closing track "Across The Universe", a cover of The Beatles track, superb pad sounds and wonderfully executed sequencer parts, the chorus is quite unexpected, wow! grabs you immediately, Richard's music and John's vocals are in perfect harmony here, lots of emotion in the chorus, the synth break is just perfection, sometimes you just have to sit back and admire a stunning piece of work and my god this track has that effect on you, fans are in for an unexpected surprise when they hear this awesome take on a Beatles track.

Three albums in and this duo show no signs of a drop in quality, quite a remarkable achievement, this is such an enjoyable listen from start to end, many twists and turns, and without doubt, their fanbase is going to love this album, what you have here is two guys that are masters of their craft, the musicianship of Richard is as good as ever and John continues to produce such brilliant vocal performances.

A faultless album 10/10

"Anthropocene" is released on June 7th on Infacted Recordings and is available from Bandcamp here:

The CD edition is available from Poponaut here:

The 2CD edition of "Xenoglossy" is available on CD and Digital Download from Bandcamp here:

"Garmonbozia" is also available on CD and Digital Download from Bandcamp here:

Visit the bands homepage here:

Machinista are on Facebook here:

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Fused - Remixes And Recordings

It is with great pleasure, that we present a special show called "Fused - Remixes And Recordings", a show dedicated to the work of UK Musician and Remixer Fused.

Fused are an electronic band based in the UK, that are also gaining a lot of credit, for their remix work, and are very much in demand, on the independent electronic music scene. They have provided remixes for the likes of, Sombre Moon, Buzzing Sound Candy, DarwinMcD, Eric C Powell, Stereo In Solo, Nature Of Wires and Mind Machine.

They have also released some impressive material of their own, including stunning cover versions of the Depeche Mode tracks, "Love In Itself" and "Dreaming Of Me", both of which feature Stephen Newton on vocals.

This is a special showcase to highlight all aspects of the work of Fused and will certainly be appealing to electronic fans, especially fans of Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys.

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

Enjoy the remixes and recordings of Fused.


Fused - Dante's Surrender
Sombre Moon - Blurred Reality (12 Inch Fused Remix)
Buzzing Sound Candy - Tasted Heaven (Fused Introspective Remix)
Fused Ft Stephen Newton - Dreaming Of Me (Combination Mix)
Darwinmcd Ft Eric C Powell - Click (12 Inch Ruby Red Fused Remix)
Stereo In Solo - Flowers On The Moon (Fused Trafalmadore Extended Remix)
Sombre Moon - Hereafter (BR Der Deutsche Fused)
Mind Machine - Clouds of Doubt (Fused Sacred 12 Inch Remix)
Fused Ft Stephen Newton - Love In Itself (Construction Mix By Fused)
DarwinMcD And Huguenot - Run Fused (12 Inch Suburbia Remix)
Buzzing Sound Candy - Back In Time (Fused 12 Inch Nodisco Mix)
Sombre Moon - Prayer (12 Inch Holier Than Fused Mix)
Fused - Transpose

Visit the Fused Homepage:

You will find all the releases by Fused on Bandcamp here:

The new Fused single, a cover of the Depeche Mode track "Dreaming Of Me", released on May 31st is available on Bandcamp here:

Sombre Moon tracks featured on the show are available on Bandcamp here:

Buzzing Sound Candy tracks featured on the show are available on Bandcamp here:

The DarwinMCD & Eric C Powell tracks featured on the show are available on Bandcamp here:

The Stereo In Solo tracks featured on the show are available via i-Tunes here:

The Mind Machine track featured on the show is available on Bandcamp here:

Monday, 27 May 2019

i-Select #46

This is a series of shows dedicated to electronic/synthpop bands that are unsigned, signed to a small independent label or self release their material.

White Lion Radio prides itself on bringing you music which you don't always get access to and to showcase bands and artists that are really very talented and deserve to be heard.

These shows will feature bands from across the globe!

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Full Playlist:

Covenant - Pantheon
Train To Spain - Step By Step
Kaos - Pursuit Of Life
Stereo In Solo - Flowers On The Moon (Fused Trafalmadore Single Remix)
People Theatre - Theme For A Star (Tecnoman Sf Inspiration)
!Distain - Blackberry Morning
Into The Blood - Slowdown
Eric C. Powell - True (Andrik Arkane Remix)
The Department - Throne Of Nothing
Unroyal - Rest In Songs
Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K - Where The Wind Blows (The Stormby 7 inch Mix)
Emma Goldberg - I Want You
Neuf - I'm Your Cancer
Matt Pop & Martin Blix - Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More (Album Mix)
Fused Ft Stephen Newton - Dreaming Of Me
Mirko Hirsch - Feel You Near Me
Pos 2 - Memories
Anna Oberg - Dags Att Grata
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Frozen Milk 77
RetroTeque Ft Knight$ - Sayonara
Pegasus Asteroid - Mechanical Heart (Nórdika Remix)
Vogon Poetry - Exposed Thoughts (Electric City Cowboys Remix)
Shedizer - My Safe Place
Electric City Cowboys Ft Mia Moilanen - The Way You Are
Maschine Brennt - Overload (Original)
Kaos - Transmission
Nature Of Wires - Try (Synthetic Content Remix)
Projekt Ich Ft !Distain - Thanks (Oren Amram Disco Mix)
Buzzing Sound CandyBack in Time (Fused Nodisco Radio Edit)
Mika Ella - Take It Or Leave It (Radio Version)
Centre Excuse - Favourite Soul (Inush Dance Remix)
Obsession Of Time - Radio Girl
Model Depose - Blackstar
Emma Goldberg - Nothing Else To Say
Fused - Transpose
Mind Machine - Clouds of Doubt (Fused Sacred 7 Inch Remix)
Unroyal - We Play Remain In Light
Re-Mind - I Promise
Analogue X - Lost In Heaven
Into The Blood - Stars In Your Hand
Crush333 - Devotion
Purple Fog Side - Your Image Alive (QuarsssEkho Remix)
People Theatre Ft Henrik Iversen - Obsession
Glenn Main - Silent Snowstorm (Synthwave Edit)
The Delerium Trees - Climbing Walls

Thursday, 23 May 2019

New Glenn Main Album "Back 2 Basics" Reviewed

Glenn Main is a gifted musician from Norway and records under his own name and as part of the group Argh.

He has released 8 albums to date under the Glenn Main banner and his last studio album, released in 2016, was an ambitious project, in which he recorded a full album of Jean Michel Jarre cover versions, not only that but the album was approved by Jean Michel himself, something he rarely does, however, if you listen to that album you will understand why he did, as it is outstanding.

Fast forward to 2019 and Glenn returns with a brand new album called "Back 2 Basics".......

This 10 track feast of music kicks off with the track "Miami Nightride", pure Jarre electronica, a mass of sequenced synths, driving rhythm and space pads fused together, to bring us an 80s soundtrack, but done in a modern style, a wonderful opening track. "Cosmic Raindrops" has a fabulous gentle sequenced melody as an intro, before a powerful synth bass-line kicks in, then more sequenced melodies kick in, I love the main synth lead, very Jarre, a well constructed track, you can almost feel the energy Glenn has in the studio, listening to this track.

"Desert Outrun, is a more upbeat track, part "Oxygene", part "Magnetic Fields" but this track oozes class, wonderful pads and another excellent synth lead, this could very easily be a Jean Michel Jarre track, the execution of it is brilliant.

Three tracks in and oh what an album we have here.

Next we have the melody driven track "Yellow Walkman", the song has 2 main synth melodies that intertwine to great effect, another strong Bass-Line a a beautiful marimba section for the middle eight, a more melancholic track.

Track 5 is called "Flight Modus" and it packs a punch with it's rhythm and imposing Bass-line, as you would expect, Glenn has constructed excellent sequencer parts, a powerful synth melody and synth stabs create a warm music environment, excellent again!

I love the dark intro on "New Connection" and again, as with all the tracks on this album, we have superbly constructed sequenced melodies, something Glenn is a master of, this has a strong Jarre influence running through it, it is mid-paced and holds your attention throughout, Glenn uses a lot of synths on his tracks yet somehow he manages to find a place for each and everyone of them, in the mix of his songs. As I was listening to this track my thoughts were, that it would make a brilliant soundtrack piece on a science fiction film, something like Bladerunner.

On "Mother", we have an interesting rhythm section and a gorgeous melody, possibly the best on the album, we even have guitar on this track, which I wasn't expecting at all, but it fits in perfectly. It is quite minimalistic compared to the tracks before it, a wise move, as it gives the melodies a chance to shine, a wonderful track. Following that we have the title track "Back 2 Basics", this is dark and atmospheric, lots going on, great use of choir sounds that cut through the dark elements of the music.

"Neon Ghost" has another impressive bass-line and bass sequencer running alongside it, a superb "Theramin" space lead synth, very Dr Who, I like the gentle lead, it works well against the throbbing bass elements of the track. I really do like this track. The album closes with a Synthwave edit of the track "Silent Snowstorm", the immediate thing that grabbed my attention was the piano at the beginning, exellent! We also have jangling Sequencers, a melody to die for, then we have the piece de la resistance, the middle 8, which is fantastic, a beautiful piano arrangement. Reminded me of the best work of Robert Miles. Exquisite pads, upbeat, faultless, a brilliant ending to the album, the best song on the album.

Jean Michel Jarre is Glenn's music hero, and on his album, Glenn shows his creative powers. This is a total masterclass, a man at the peak of his game, he loves music and plays it with a smile on his face (check his YouTube video's) and as I said earlier in the review the energy these songs create is awesome, this man is a genius, plain and simple, step aside Jean Michel Jarre, there is a new kid on the block.


The album "Back 2 Basics" is available from Bandcamp, on CD, Vinyl and as a Digital Download via Bandcamp:

Glenn's Jean Michel Jarre covers album (which is highly recommended) is also available as a Digital Download via Bandcamp:

Find out more about Glenn and his music by visiting his Facebook page:

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Mind Machine "Clouds Of Doubt" EP Reviewed

Mind Machine follow up their brilliant recent album "Return To The Machine" (Read our review here), with a new single, a remix of "Clouds Of Doubt", which is taken from a forthcoming remix album.

For this release the band have wisely chosen to team up with a remixer, that is in demand, Fused, they have been very busy remixing tracks for various other bands and this is a partnership that works perfectly, why, well Fused are hugely influenced by Depeche Mode and they are the blueprint for his remix work (On a side note Fused are releasing a cover of the Depeche Mode track "Dreaming Of Me", again you can read a review of that here).

Without further a do let's crack on the this particular remix......

First up is the "Fused Sacred Remix" of "Clouds Of Doubt" and he re-works the track "Violator" style, dark sounding synths and a beautiful bass-line draw you in immediately, the vocals really do sound excellent, against the re-worked music. A top class remix, this track remixed is truly awesome.

Following that we have the Fused Sacred 12 Inch mix, which expands on the above mix in true 80s 12 inch style, that means more sequenced sections and fabulous synths and of course more of that devine bass-line, clocking in at 7 1/2 minutes this is how you make a 12 inch mix, a blueprint other bands should take notice of. I love 12 inch singles like this, it means you get an extended version of what is already a wonderful track. Vocals and music ...perfect!

Next we have a "Radio" friendly "Fused Sacred 7 Inch Remix", this is about 1 minute shorter than the opening track but of course, ensures we have all the ingredients for a powerful shorter version of the track, even in the shorter format this song is well written and produced and Fused add the gloss to give us another example just how well thought out the remixes are.

The album version is also featured in this package, and is an album highlight, a lot of emotion in the vocals, not just on this version but the remixes too, even the original mix has a massive Depeche Mode influence running through it, you should check out the entire album, it is an excellent piece of work.

Another album track is featured on the single, and that is "Hundred Thousand Million", however, this is a more stripped down version featuring piano, strings and vocals, this gives the song a more melancholic feel, I really like the piano arrangement on this.

Now another throwback to the 80s, is of course, "Dub Mixes", remember them?? Well we are treated to 3 Fused Dub Versions, the first is the "Fused Sacred Dub Mix", an instrumental re-work of the main mix, then we have the "Fused Sacred 12 inch Dub Remix". On these versions, you gain a bigger appreciation of the musicianship and remix work, that has gone into this song. The final dub version, is of the "Fused 7 Inch Remix". I always find it interesting to listen to these type of mixes as you hear things differently and pick up on parts you may have missed in the vocal versions, an excellent addition to this release.

To close this release, we have an instrumental version of the album version of Clouds Of Doubt", as well as, a very intriguing instrumental version, of the "Piano & Strings" version of "Hundred Thousand Million".

Once again Fused deliver, with solid and quite breathtaking remixes of "Clouds Of Doubt", which take the song to a whole new level, it was brilliant to start with, but these remixes take it beyond brilliant, alongside the other bonus tracks included here, this is a fantastic introduction to the forthcoming remix album.


The CD version features the first 5 tracks, however, you will receive all 10 tracks that are featured on the Digital release too. Both are released on May 24th and are available on Bandcamp here:

The album "Return To The Machine", is also available as a CD or Digital Download via Bandcamp here:

Visit the Mind Machine Facebook page here:

Mind Machine Facebook page

Monday, 20 May 2019

The Electronic Music Hour #46

Welcome to edition #46 of our series "The Electronic Music Hour", which features some of the best electronic and synthpop music from the last 40 years.

These shows not only include well known artists from the last 4 decades but new and emerging bands on the electronic music scene from around the world, a lot of which are either unsigned, or on a small independent label, or self release their material.

So the shows will feature old and new tracks that fit in the electronic/synthpop genre.

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Elegant Machinery - Words Of Wisdom (Radio Edit)
Erasure - World Be Gone (Single Mix)
Shatoo - Movies (Single Version By Angst Pop & Technomancer)
Thompson Twins - Sister Of Mercy
La Vogue - A World Outside Your Door
OMD - Maid Of Orleans
Blancmange - Anna Dine
Glenn Main Ft Iselin Main - Rise To The Occasion
China Crisis - Papua
Sine City - Absolutely Right
Robert Marlow - Claudette
John Foxx - Cinemascope
Vanguard - Move On (Bunker Dresden Remix)
Silicon Teens - Oh Boy
T.O.Y - For Gold
Pet Shop Boys - I Want A Lover

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Fused Ft Stephen Newton - Dreaming Of Me Reviewed

Fused is a project of UK musician Mark Kendrick, who has been in big demand for remixing tracks for other bands and artists, including, Eric C Powell, Sombre Moon and DarwinMCD, his work is strongly influenced by Depeche Mode and in 2018 he teamed up with vocalist Stephen Newton to record a cover of the Depeche Mode track "Love In Itself", a version that is miles better than Depeche Mode's original version.

Fused and Stephen Newton have teamed up again and are set to release a new single on May 31st and once again re-work a Depeche Mode track, this time their debut single "Dreaming Of Me" and what a brilliant job they have done, they have modernized the track beyond belief and have given the song a completely new identity, it has a darker edge than the original pop version and even the main lead melody has been given a face lift, quite brilliant.

Depeche Mode never released an extended version, however Fused have, which is a real bonus, labelled the "Combination Mix", which expands on the original mix just like those wonderful 80s 12 Inch Singles. Pure heaven!

The final track on the single is called "Transpose", which is largely instrumental, with some vocal parts, but I was drawn into the sound of this track, a hint of middle east music, similar to what you have heard on Gary Numan's recent output. Indeed this track has more of a Gary Numan influence, the bass-line and rhythm especially shine alongside some excellent sequencer parts, all in all it fits perfectly as part of this release, I really like it, very impressive.

Once again Fused and Stephen Newton have served up a music feast with this release, absolute perfection, fans of electronic music, and Depeche Mode/Gary Numan fans will not be disappointed.


Visit the Fused homepage here:

Thursday, 16 May 2019

New Kaos Single "Pursuit Of Life" Reviewed

Kaos are an electronic duo based in Stockholm, Sweden, Eva Kaxe and Kristian Oscarsson, and they began writing songs together in 2009. To date they have released 3 singles and an album, "Scream In Silence" in 2013.

Now they are ready to unleash a brand new single.......

This 2 track release certainly has the wow factor, nice crisp production and a cover version that blows you away, I would never have thought someone would succeed in doing an electronic version of Joy Division's "Transmission", and pull it off, Kaos have certainly done that. The main track "Pursuit Of Life" is a dark synthpop track that grabs your attention from the off, with that deep bass sound and bass sequencer, truly excellent vocal that cuts through the dark soundscape and the chorus is pure pop, I definitely think the track is inspired by New Order and Depeche Mode, probably more of the latter.

A well balanced choice of tracks, bodes well for future output from this duo, I love both tracks and what they have done with "Transmission" is outstanding. 5/5

We will be featuring both tracks on this months i-Select show and one of the tracks on our forthcoming second edition of "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music".

Once we have details where the single can be purchased from we will post the information on the White Lion Radio Facebook page, which can be found here:

White Lion Radio Facebook Page

Find out more about this band by visiting their Facebook page:

and also their official homepage:

The Album "Night City Remixes - The Songs Of Secret Service" Reviewed

A companion to the PBH Media release "Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service" is a remix album of tracks featured on the original album, called "Night City Remixes - The Songs Of Secret Service".

The opening track is the excellent Rational Youth cover of "Flash In The Night" remixed by Octolab and it packs a punch, throbbing bassline mixed with synthetic delights is brilliantly produced by Octolab, it is almost cinematic, a superb remix. Following that we have the 12 Inch mix of "Night City" by Italoconnection, this expands on the original version to give you an 80s style 12 inch mix, Italo Disco style! Another fine remix with excellent synth work and fine use of sequenced sounds.

Track 3 is an extended 12 Inch Mix of "The Way You Are" by Electric City Cowboys Ft Mia Moilanen, and like the previous track, we have a fabulous 80s style 12 inch mix, this is a superb track, the more I hear of this band, the more I am impressed, as you would expect from this mix, we have a cacophony of gorgeous synth sounds mixed with some truly wonderful vocals, perfect in every way. The LA Rush Radio Edit of "Where The Wind Blows", by Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K is incredible, a synthpop masterclass, and as with the original version, what a vocal! This is one for the dancefloor, and the remixer deserves credit, for elevating this song to an even higher level than the original mix.

Next Stormby has created his own remix of "I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (I'm So In Love With You)", called Stormby's Big Love Edit Mix, this has a summer vibe and a mixture of influences, Disco, Synthpop & Italo Disco, it is one of those songs you instantly like, great chorus too. We are treated to another 80s style extended version with the Cliff Wedge Ft James Knights' track "10 O'Clock Postman", I love this track, Superb melody hooks, powerful sound and a chorus to die for, superb vocals, one of the finest synthpop tracks I have heard this year and this extended version works really well, It is such a treat to hear remixers going back to 80s style 12 inch mixes, let's hope for more!

Deadbeat feature with the original version of "Bilder Av Dig", sung in Swedish, I'd love to hear an English version of this song, this has some beautiful melody parts and strong bass-line, has a darker sound but those melodies puncture through the dark backdrop, I really like this.....please do an English version.

We have a second remix of the Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K track "Where The Wind Blows", the Stormby 12 Inch Mix, firstly I have to say I am impressed with the remix work of Stormby, and he has provided us with another remix gem here, Eliza K is an outstanding vocalist and she shines on this mix, the music is very "PWL" and offers infectious hooks and powerful synth sounds, Stockholm Nightlife and Eliza K are a fantastic combination and Eliza K is a true talent, fantastic mix!

Stormby's remix duties continue, with a stomping re-working of the Evan track "Oh Susie", this is his Club Mix and he opts for a full on dance mix, pumping beats, soaring synths and an impressive vocal all combine to make a stunning remix, well done sir!

Stormby is clearly a focul point on this remix album and he features again with his Big Love Club Mix of "I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (I'm So In Love With You)", he is also the producer of the track. As you would expect this is one for the club dancefloors, It's quite different from his other version on the album, I love how the mix develops, from an almost electronic ambient start, before the thumping beats kick in, then it drops back into ambient territory, very effective. It really comes to life after the 2 minute mark, with the dance beats and the synths kicking ass. A great middle 8 too on this mix, Definately a highlight on this album, it is great how the mood of the track changes.

The album closes with a third remix of the Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K track "Where The Wind Blows", LA Rush provide a second remix, this time the Club Mix. Strong beats and synths that grab your attention, fused with the vocal delights of Eliza K, is a real delight. This remix definitely showcases Eliza's vocals, not much more I can say about this mix, it is pop perfection.

What I like about this album is that remixers have respected the original versions found on the album "Night City Tribute - The songs of Secret Service" and made a collection of remixes that are truly outstanding, as a remix album this is perfection, well done to all concerned.


As a final observation, PBH Media have released four albums, the two albums reviewed and mentioned in this article, the "Ballerina - The Tribute to Shanghai" album and of course the debut album "Superstar" by Electric City Cowboys and each album is of the highest standard and for a small independent label, this is to be applauded, and gives the label a firm platform to build from and bodes well for the future.

"Night City Remixes - The songs of Secret Service", is available as a Digital Download from Bandcamp for just 8 Euros, which is an absolute bargain:

The original album "Night City Tribute - The Songs of Secret Service" can also be found on Bandcamp, on both CD and as a Digital Download:

The album "Ballerina - The Tribute to Shanghai" is available from Bandcamp on CD or as a Digital Download:

The debut album by Electric City Cowboys, "Superstar" is available from Bandcamp on both CD and as a Digital Download:

We would like to thank Niclas from PBH Media.

Don't forget you can also listen to every track from these albums on Bandcamp via the links quoted above, something a highly recommend you do.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service Compilation Album Reviewed

Following on from our review of the compilation "Ballerina - The Tribute To Shanghai", we have another compilation to review, put out by PBH Media, who are based in Sweden, this time we have, "Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service".

This is a massive 26 track compilation that plays homeage to Swedish band Secret Service, who released 8 albums between 1979 and 2012 and 34 singles and EP's during the same period, this tribute album was released in April 2018.

So without further a do let's take a look at what this compilation has to offer......

First up we have Matt Pop & Martin Blix, with an album mix of "Let Us Dance A Little Bit More, Matt Pop has made a name for himself as a remixer on the electronic music scene, and this track suits his style perfectly, pure pop! Think Erasure :)

Italoconnection provide a 12 Inch Radio Edit of the track "Night City", this is italo disco driven as you would expect from them, great sequenced bass-line with warm melodies over the top, something tells me, that after the first two tracks we are in for something special with this album.......

Track 3 is "Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)" by Johan Baeckstrom, a music genuis, his work with Daily Planet and as a solo artist, is simply breathtaking, and my word he puts heart and soul into this track, a thing of pure beauty, if you like Yazoo, you will love this track. Next we have a band from the 80s that have been very active over the last decade or so, and have a loyal fan base in Sweden, despite being based in Canada. They have covered "Flash In The Night" and is all you would expect from this truly excellent band, melodies, analogue rhythms with some piano thrown in as well, I really like this track, it is quite a mellow track, but the chorus grabs you instantly, brilliant!

"Bring Heaven Down" by Glas, has a great atmospheric intro and the most amazing piano line and science fiction synth sounds, fantastic vocal and strong song construction, another excellent track. Jesper Jelse Ft RetroTeque are next with "Don't You Know, Don't You Know", again an italo disco track with a powerful anthemic chorus. This would instantly get people up on the dance floor, superb! "Oh Susie" by Evan, is melody driven with sequenced synths, vocally it has a 70s feel which works really well with the music, this will grow on you the more you hear it.

I have been impressed with the work of Swedish synthpop band Electric City Cowboys and they deliver once again on the track "The Way You Are", which features Mia Moilanen, Vince Clarke influenced bass-line and synth parts give this a really warm feel and I like the boy/girl vocal arrangement, this band have something special about them, if you haven't discovered them yet do check them out, especially their debut album "Superstar", which has just been released.

Octolab contribute the track "Fire Into Ice", lots going on in this track but everything has its place, another fine example of fine electro pop. Now, next, is something really special as far as I am concerned, I haven't come across Mirko Hirsch before, however, their version of "Feel You Near Me", has one of those melody hooks that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, the synth work, the melodies and rhythm and vocals are faultless, a track you will play over and over again, without doubt one of THE best tracks I have discovered this year, absolute perfection. "L.A. Goodbye" by 047, reminded me a bit of Belgian band, Telex, tight rhythm and initially quite minimalistic, then it bursts into life when the chorus kicks in, quite atmospheric sounding, but with a pop twist. Next we have, from Australia, who are no strangers to White Lion Radio, as we have played their music for many years and I have followed John's progress since he started out and we have a synth delight, as Parralox cover "The Dancer (Version)", uplifting, strong chorus and high quality synth work, as you would expect. We have been massive fans of Swedish Synthpop band, Eurotix, and it is know surprise, to see them featured on this compilation, and they don't let their fans down either, with a top quality cover of "Broken Hearts", beautiful music production and a passionate vocal by Dennis, another fine example, that the chemistry between the two members, Larry and Dennis shows no sign of diminishing, quite how this band are not bigger amazes me.

Martha Frans has done an excellent job of covering "Walking", very electro in it's delivery and the vocals are fabulous, a talented singer, without a doubt. Cliff Wedge Ft James Knights will work you into a sweat, James once again manages to effortlessly create energy in the songs he records and this is no exception, this high energy stomper is brilliant, such an infectious chorus. An album highlight.

"Where The Wind Blows" by Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K, has both an ABBA and Madonna inspiration to my ears, great vocals and harmonies against a well built electronic backdrop. The song builds nicely, you could easily see Madonna singing this track and it being a big hit. Stormby treat us to a mid tempo italo disco rendition of "I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (I'm So In Love With You)", this has a strong 80s feel, especially the music, following that we have Modiga Agenter, who has recorded the song, "Oh Susie (Bara Vi Tva Vet)", the first track sung in Swedish, I like the sequenced melody and like the choir sounds, they add a nice dimension to the track. Uplifting chorus that really makes the track.

Parralox contribute two tracks to this compilation, the second track being their version of "Flash In The Night", covered by Rational Youth on this album, lots of neat analogue synth sounds help develop this track into a synthpop delight, John is a superb music producer, and he has delivered once again on this song, that said I do prefer the version by Rational Youth.

"Aux Deux Magots" by The Real Parakeet, I would define as Euro-Pop with hints of Italo Disco, it is an instrumental but it is impressive and fits in well on this album, typical 80s style synth stabs and throbbing bass-line, It also has a killer synth melody, I really do like this track. Defintely has retro overtones. "Dancing In The Madness" by Leaderboard is another track with a fabulous bass-line, Soft and soothing pads and strong vocal, the track develops well into a great pop track, the middle 8 bass-line is pure Pet Shop Boys.

"When The Night Closes In" is covered by Finkseye, which is given a dark synth makeover, not sure about the vocal effects used, not convinced they were needed, quite a sombre cover in general. Mr Doonuts version of "How I Want You" sees us back to Italo Disco, dominant bass-line, as you would expect from an Italo Disco song, some excellent soaring pads and gentle melodies, again with this track the vocals are given some serious treatment, which I think get in the way on the chorus section.

Jimmy Fang's cover of "It's Not Over" is full on synthpop, superb synth sounds used on this track and clever use of melodies, on this one the vocal production is excellent, I like the minimal aspects of the song, yet it maintains a really cool music backdrop, great rhythmm section throughout the track, another album highlight.

To close the album we have two remixes by Stormby, first is the remix of the Evan track "Oh Susie", which is given a more modern sounding makeover, four to the floor, which showcases the chorus section perfectly, I liked the original cover on this album and this remix, is as equally as good, the chorus nails this song. The final song, and remix, is the Stormby 7 Inch Mix of Stockholm Nightlife Fr Eliza K's cover of "Where The Wind Blows". This remix is similar in production as the PWL tracks from the 80s, a super remix which is every bit as enjoyable as the original version on this album.

What we have here is a solid set of songs, that collectively give us a brilliant overview of the work of Secret Service, 26 tracks of pure class and a treat for any Synthpop, Electro Pop, or Italo Disco fan, I enjoyed it from start to finish and credit to PBH Media for masterminding and putting this compilation together, plenty of Swedish artists on here, that once again, show that Sweden, is the leader in Electronic Music at the moment, it is staggereing how many independent bands have come on to the scene, long may it continue.


Our thanks to Niclas at PBH Media.

The album is available on CD and as a Digital Download via Bandcamp:

PBH Media on Facebook:

Monday, 13 May 2019

Maximum 80s (Volume 70)

White Lion Radio have released edition # 70 of Maximum 80s.

A show that celebrates the 1980s 12 Inch Single!

The biggest hits in the 12 Inch format from the greatest decade in music history!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Listen to the show on here

Playlist For The Show

Queen - A Kind Of Magic (Extended Version)
Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life (Club Version)
Erasure - Blue Savannah (Der Deutsche Mix I)
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Ben Liebrand Mix)
Patrick Cowley - Menergy (Original 12 Inch Version)
Imagination - Looking At Midnight (12 Inch Version)
The Human League - Together In Electric Dreams (Extended)
Madonna - True Blue (The Color Mix)
Alphaville - Big In Japan (Culture Mix)
Japan - European Son (Extended Remix)

White Lion Radio Facebook Page

Saturday, 11 May 2019

Ballerina - The Tribute to Shanghai Compilation Album Reviewed

"Ballerina" is an 18 track tribute album, recorded to celebrate the music of 80s Swedish band Shanghai.

Shanghai released 2 albums and 8 singles, and this tribute album sees some of Sweden's finest synthpop bands on the independent music scene cover their songs.

Machinista, in our view one of THE best Synthpop bands in Sweden open proceedings with a Swedish sung version of the track "Bang Bang", a powerful rendition, showing just how good they are at creating sound with energy. Saft tackle the track "Ballerina" and they too deliver an excellent cover version, synthpop with a slightly harder edge, I must find the original version of this track as I haven't heard of it before but is infectious. Next we have a band that was recently bought to my attention, and that is Electric City Cowboys (Check out their new album "Superstar", it is stunning!), their cover of "Flight 69" is a mellow synthpop track, with great use of sequencers and synth sounds, this is another band that deserve much greater reward for their work.

Octolab are another new name to me and they have covered the track "Fallen Angel", the song has a great sequenced bass-line and is sung, I presume in Swedish, the chorus is quite unexpected and very uplifting and would like to hear them do an English version of the song. Again a powerful slice of synthpop.

Candide's cover of "Toner Av En Melodi", could easily be a winning song on the Eurovision, fantastic build up to a huge chorus, this is superbly produced with synth sounds galore, I can imagine they had a ball when they were in the studio recording this, it might be in Swedish but my, it packs a punch.

Next we have Obsession Of Time, a band we have featured on our shows, they have recorded a cover of "Radio Girl" and what a version it is, everything about it is class, warm harmonized vocals, excellent synth work and a dam good song which they execute with perfection, best track on the album, simply superb.

"Step By Step" by Train To Spain is next, another band we really like at White Lion Radio and they have nailed this track, possibly Helena's strongest vocal to date and Jonas has certainly weaved his magic with the music arrangement, another upbeat synthpop gem.

Evan's cover of "Vild Natt" has filmic qualities, it is quite dramatic in its delivery. Orchestral sounds mixed with deep synth tones, I know this might sound strange, but, it could easily be a piece of music used on the series "Game Of Thrones", that is the best compliment I can give it, a very interesting and likable track as it is different from what comes before it on the album.

Sister Electra are another band we have featured a few times on our shows (check out the track "Down By The Park" by them, synthpop brilliance), on this album they have covered the track "Rosalina", a great uplifting chorus again, which seems the trademark for all the songs on the album. Beautiful synth work and vocal, Sister Electra certainly have a wonderful sound blueprint that works very well. Another big favourite of mine this one.

You instantly know that if James from Knight$ is featured on a track, it is going to be full of energy and entertaining and he certainly delivers, powerful rhythm, strong synth lines and very catchy, the track is without doubt one of the most intense tracks on the album, brilliant!

Electronic Zoo contribute a cover version of "Victory Of Love", the track features Pagque and it is more of a ballad, it is fabulous, love those choir sounds (Korg M1??), I just love the tempo of this track and the vocals are given space to shine, the music is wonderful, really impressive. Shanghai certainly had a thing for powerful choruses, this is as good as it gets. Disco Digitale are a welcome addition to this compilation with their version of "Angelina Angeleyes", great sequenced sections and synth pads and stabs, the sequencers though, I think, are what grab your attention, I should also say, superb vocal delivery also.

Another new band to me are Modiga Agenter, they contribute their Swedish rendition of "Eldfodd", another sequencer dominated track, with, you guessed it, a powerful chorus. One of our favourite bands that have come out of Sweden in the last few years are Eurotix, they have produced some really stunning synthpop tracks that focus on Melody and they are masters at it and the fact they have just released their third studio album "Pop", justifies that statement. Larry & Dennis provide a truly stunning version of "Bang Bang (Heart On Fire)", lots of intricate melodies with a flawless vocal from Dennis, he seems to make singing seem effortless, a truly gifted singer. Larry's synth work is equally impressive, it is easy to see why these two work so well together, runs the Obsession Of Time track close for being the best track on the album.

"Africa" by Leaderboard starts off with quite dark overtones before morphing into a full blown pop anthem, I like the sound on this track, it is quite varied. Next we have a couple of names I haven't come across before, Brita Kristina and Peter Sjoholm, first up is Brita with "Nattens Armar", another song with an excellent chorus, where they also make good use of synth melody, the synth work reminded me a little of early Depeche Mode, "Du Ar Min Prinsessa" by Peter Sjoholm is excellent, I love that driving Bass-Line, well constructed melodies are also a feature and I like the vocal line that follows the synth lead, very effective. It might be in Swedish but I still really enjoyed it.

And so we come to the closing track, "Friendship" by Technomancer Ft Angst Pop, great stormy intro and piano, the sequencer, when it kicks in, is brilliant, then we see the powerful side of the music of Technomancer, my word he has served up a delightful synth backdrop, parts of the track reminded me of Swedish band Kite, another fantastic chorus section, a superb end to a quality album.

Whilst this album was released in May 2017, if you, like me, missed it when it came out then it is certainly an album  that would sit very nicely in your synthpop collection. It is a rousing and uplifting album and without doubt a very impressive tribute to Shanghai.


The album is available on Bandcamp:

You can also hear a selection of the tracks, from this album, on White Lion Radio's "The PBH media Music Showcase"show:

Our thanks to Niklas from PBH Media.

Thursday, 9 May 2019

White Lion Radio Present - The PBH Media Music Showcase

White Lion Radio have released "The PBH Media Music Showcase", a show dedicated to the music released on the Swedish Independent label PBH Media.

PBH Media share our passion for independent/unsigned Synthpop bands and artists and we are delighted to feature music from the labels releases.

Our thanks to Niclas at PBH Media for the music featured in this show.

On this show we have included music from the new album "Superstar" by Electric City Cowboys, as well as, music from 3 compilations, "Ballerina - The Tribute to Shanghai", "Night City Tribute - The Songs of Secret Service" and "Night City Remixes - The Songs of Secret Service".

Listen to the show on Mixcloud:

Or on

The music on this show can be found on Bandcamp here:

PBH Media On Facebook:

Playlist For The Show:

Electric City Cowboys - Tell Me
Italoconnection - Night City (12 inch Mix)
Eurotix - Broken Hearts
Obsession Of Time - Radio Girl
Cliff Wedge feat James Knights - 10 O'Clock Postman (Extended)
Leaderboard - Dancing In Madness
Matt Pop & Martin Blix - Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More (Album Mix)
Evan - Oh Susie
Electric City Cowboys - Miss You
Sister Electra - Rosalina
Rational Youth - Flash In The Night (Octolab Remix)
Mirko Hirsch - Feel You Near Me
Glas - Bring Heaven Down
Saft - Ballerina
Train To Spain - Step By Step
Eurotix - Bang Bang (Heart On Fire)
Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K - Where The Wind Blows (The Stormby 7 inch Mix)
Johan Baeckstrom - Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
Electric City Cowboys Ft Mia Moilanen - The Way You Are

Monday, 6 May 2019

Rubik's 80s Mix #70

Edition #70 of Rubik's 80s Mix is now out on White Lion Radio.

This a series of shows that includes the very best in 80s music all in one continuous mix.

The biggest hits from the greatest decade in music history!

A show guaranteed to bring back so many happy memories!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Listen on here

Full Playlist

Bananarama - I Want You Back
The Jam - Beat Surrender
Danny Wilson - Mary's Prayer
Belinda Carlisle - Circle In The Sand
Eighth Wonder - Cross My Heart
Johnny Hates Jazz - Heart Of Gold
Hazell Dean - Who's Leaving Who
Sabrina - Boys (Summertime Love)
Coldcut Ft Yazz - Doctorin' The House
Yazoo - Don't Go
Erasure - A Little Respect
Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis
Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday
Climie Fisher - Rise To The Occasion
Change - Change Of Heart
Alexander O'Neal - Criticize

Saturday, 4 May 2019

People Theatre - Chapter 2 (Staring At Sun) Reviewed

The man behind People Theatre is French musician, Peter Rainman, who is well respected in the independent electronic community for his remix work for other artists, especially with Australian synthpop band, Parralox, Peter has also provided remixes for the likes of, Rename, !Distain, Jonteknik, Vision Talk, Zynic, Daybehavior, Vanguard, Solitary Experiments, Uncreated, Psy'Aviah and countless others.

The "Chapter II - Staring At Sun" EP is a follow up to the "Chapter I - Dare At Dawn" EP which was released in 2015.

The new EP features 8 tracks with various guest vocalists.

The opening track is a delightful instrumental called  "Theme For A Star", which has some Jean Michel Jarre overtones and I think I detected the Roland CR78 Drum Machine :) I like the way the track builds and it features some wonderful pad and choir sounds, which give it a Science Fiction soundtrack touch. "Forever" features Henrik Iversen, I like the use of piano, Peter has, on many of his remixes used piano melodies as a focal point and he makes good use of it again on this track, a more uplifting track and I do like the vocals, perfect for the synth backdrop. Track 3 "Do You Remember" sees Peter collaborate with Shelter and Oots, a well constructed synth dominated dance track, reminded me of some of Erasures tracks on "The Violet Flame" album. Superb vocals again on this one, great use of synth hooks, excellent track.

"Obsession" featuring Henrik Iversen has a superb throbbing bass-line and beautiful pads and trademark People Theatre piano, all fused together to produce a fabulous track, I like the atmospheric nature of this song. "Welcome To Goodbye" is next which features Tess Fries. Good use of rhythm sounds on the intro and I do like the pad sounds, I like how it morphs into a solid dance number, with sequenced lead synths, this song has a darker sound, which I really like. "Ultimate Meeting" features K-bereit and has a more sinister industrial sound, which is a little outside my comfort zone when it comes to synth based music, it definitely has a harder edge, both musically and vocally.

"Ego Trip" is a more medium paced number featuring S Cochran & K Eller on vocals and the boy/girl vocal works a treat, this song is more reflective and again features a beautiful piano melody against some superb string chords, I love this track and highlights just how good a musician Peter Rainman is. Probably my favourite track on the album, if you remember People Theatre's remix of the Parralox track "Isn't It Strange" you will get the idea how this track sounds.

The album closes with the piano driven "Theme For A Comet", almost classical in it's delivery and is quite haunting, simplistic in that it is basically piano, strings/Pads and vocals, a fantastic way to close the album.

This album demonstrates, and shows, that as well as providing consistantly excellent remixes for other artists, Peter is a skilled musician, who knows how to produce and arrange well constructed songs, I like the idea of using different vocalists on this album too, that works perfectly.

People Theatre fans are in for a real treat with this collection of songs 9/10

You can buy the album via Bandcamp as a CD or Digital Download:

Visit the People Theatre Facebook page here: