Monday, 29 April 2019

Discover The Artists On Our Special Show "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music"

Our latest show is something a bit special, as it is a show that focuses of Electronic/Synthpop music by bands/artists that are based in Sweden. Most of the artists are unsigned or signed to a small independent label.

Here are weblinks for all the bands/artists that are featured on the show, so you can find out a bit more about them.

Deutsche Bank:

Johan Baeckstrom:

Obsession Of Time:


Erotic Elk:




Cold Connection:


Presence Of Mind:

Sector One:

Ashbury Heights:

Vision Talk:

Vogon Poetry:


Train To Spain:


Daily Planet:




Electric City Cowboys:


Maschine Brennt:



Sister Electra:

Conny Olivetti:


Don't forget you can listen to, "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music" on both Mixcloud and

Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music

Released today on White Lion Radio, a special show, "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music"

This is a show dedicated to independent/unsigned electronic/synthpop bands based in Sweden.

Sweden has been at the forefront of the independent electronic music scene for some time now and this show highlights just how many excellent bands in that genre are based in that country.

This show features a staggering 30 different bands that are based in Sweden, most of which are unsigned or signed to an independent label.

Sit back and enjoy a wealth of the finest electronic music from Sweden!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud:

Or listen on

Playlist for the show:

Deutsche Bank - Don't Stop ((Autopop)
Johan Baeckstrom - I Can Read Your Mind
Obsession Of Time - The Seeker
Eurotix - Hypnotized
Erotic Elk - Consequence Of Leaving (Oren Amram SynthesizeMe Remix)
Datapop - Unterwegs (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Covenant - Dies Irae
Daybehavior - Change
Cold Connection - Memories
Vanguard - I Want to Live (Torul Remix)
Presence Of Mind - Queen Of Redemption
Sector One - A Little Melody (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Ashbury Heights - Kingdom Confession
Vision Talk - Unlike
Vogon Poetry - Exposed Thoughts (Electric City Cowboys Remix)
Unisonlab - Stereolab (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Train To Spain - Monsters
Kite - Dance Again
Daily Planet - Tranquility
Kretz - Generated Alterated Patterns (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Remix)
Machinista - Pain Of Every Day (Cyborgdrive Remix)
Avantgarde - Maureen
Electric City Cowboys feat Mia Moilanen - Calling Your Name
Cinemascape - Frozen Ground (Split Mirrors Remix)
Maschine Brennt - 60 Seconds (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Uncreated - Not Your Soldier (Machinista Remix)
Leaderboard - Trick Of The Light
Sister Electra - Down By The Park
Conny Olivetti - Arithmetical Operations
Damokles - Close Encounter

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Electric City Cowboys Album "Superstar" Reviewed

Electric City Cowboys recently came to my attention following their stunning remix of the forthcoming Vogon Poetry single "Exposed Thoughts". They are from Sweden and their music is strongly infuenced by Yazoo, Erasure and Depeche Mode.

So when I received a promo of their album "Superstar" I was intrigued to listen to material that the band had produced themselves.

"Superstar" is the bands debut album and follows the release of 4 singles.

The album starts with a gorgeous instrumental called "The Introduction", which gives a clear direction of what the album is going to sound like, warm pads and gentle melody followed by a Jean Michel Jarre styled synth section.

"Calling Your Name" features Mia Moilanen on vocals (she also appears on 3 other tracks on the album) and is a soaring synthpop gem, a throbbing sequencer bass-line and hints of italo disco, the track has a massive Erasure influence on it and is undoubtably one of the albums highlights. This ticks all the right boxes for me, catchy, melodic and dancable, a definite single, which remixers will find a joy to work on, I can definitely see Daily Planet's Johan Baeckstrom weaving his magic on this track..

Next we have "Heaven", a fantastic pad/string intro which then develops into a synthpop/italdisco track, a strong vocal and some stunning synth work, especially the sequencer parts, which is something I really like in songs. The middle 8 section is especially good, very powerful. Another very strong song.

The title track follows and is very melodic and catchy, a true synthpop track, the synth backdrop to this track is amazing, strong bass-line and sequenced parts, more going on than you initially think. Again this has an italo disco influence.

"Tell Me" I knew was going to be stunning, as soon as it started, beautiful pads and sequenced melodies, the track has a very strong chorus, this track reminded me of the Vince Clarke era Depeche Mode, I love the way it builds up to the chorus and the synthwork is truly fantastic, excellent vocals that work perfectly against the music backdrop. So far my favourite track on the album, in a word awesome!

Following that we have "My Heart Is On Fire", another pop gem, I like the atmospheric pad sounds and the chorus is really a delight, this has a nod towards the sound of Yazoo, the band are very good at creating melodic hooks and sequencer parts and this song showcases that really well.

"In The Summertime" reminded me very much of another Swedish independent synthpop band, Eurotix, Vince Clarke styled Riffs on this song and again they have crafted some fantastic sequencer parts, as with all the album, excellent vocal delivery, it instantly grabs you and what a fantastic middle 8, these boys know how to construct a song, outstanding work.

The Yazoo influenced "Miss You" is stunning, a bit like "Only You", simply brilliant synth sequencer segments, it also builds like Yazoo's "Too Pieces", this is one of the best synthpop tracks I have heard in a long long time, without doubt Vince Clarke himself would be delighted to write a song like this, beyond brilliant!!!

A 2019 remix of the track "Dance Into The Night" is a full on electronic dance track, powerful synths and imposing synth stabs, a track that would go down really well live. A great chorus against a cacophony of synth work, a welcome addition to the album, love it!

The album closes with the track "Free (Beatbox Extended)", the original version was released as a single in 2017 and is an italo disco stomper, a fantastic track with a very strong vocal, brilliant.

How this band is unsigned I have no idea because this album is exceptional, superbly crafted songs and their musicianship is first class, strong vocally throughout too, a synthpop album that should, without a shadow of doubt, be in your collection.

The Swedish synthpop scene is quite remarkable at the moment, as well as Electric City Cowboys, we have Daily Planet, Machinista, Eurotix, Johan Baeckstrom, Vanguard, Uncreated, Vogon Poetry and others and this album by Electric City Cowboys is the perfect introduction to the band, you won't be disappointed.


The album is released on May 3rd on CD and as a digital download on Bandcamp here:

Visit the bands Official Homepage here:

Vist the bands Facebook page here:

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

New Vogon Poetry EP Reviewed

Vogon Poetry return with a brand new EP on May 10th called "Exposed Thoughts", initially as a Digital Download, however, they are also to release a very Limited Edition CD EP edition which will be available when they play Artefaktor 3 on April 27th.

The EP features the original version of "Exposed Thoughts", as well as, 7 remixes.

So, let's open Pnadora's Box and see what we find........

The original mix has a beautiful melodic sequencer section that drives the song and a superb space synth lead, outstanding vocals, you can tell the band knew, they had a track that was special. It's melancholic and simplistic but the whole things fits together really well. For me, I think it is Vogon Poetry's best single to date.

Next we have a remix by Electric City Cowboys remix, what can I, this takes the song to a whole new level and showcases just how good this track it. They have turned it into an Erasure type dance mix, reminded me of "Stop" by Erasure, brilliant use of sequencers, all blended to form a perfect backdrop for the impressive vocal. An outstanding remix.

Modiga Agenter Remix is different again, very powerful with a striking piano section and superb rhythm section, they have moulded the track into a ballad with gorgeous synth pads, again the mix shows what a fine job has been done on the vocals, superb again!!

Next we have a remix by Glas, they also make good use of piano and  a yazoo bass-line which reminded me of "In Your Room", they have given the song a more uplifting feeling, lots going on in this mix but everything has it's place, can't fault this remix either, a stunning piece of work.

Following that we have a remix by Saft, this mix is a lot darker than the previous mixes, very "Depeche Mode", some superb additional synth sections and of course excellent use of sequencer patterns, especially with the bass-lines. Really impressive!

Next we have a remix by Patrik Hansson from Uncreated and Vanguard and he doesn't disappoint, as you would expect, this is another powerful remix, very upbeat with trademark Vanguard/Uncreated bass sounds, I love the rhythm section, especially the chorus sections, beautiful synth leads and pads, awesome remix again!

The Kei Kohara keeps the main sequencer parts and space synth parts in place, before we are given a more rock makeover, plenty of guitars mixed with synths, which works well, rock music isn't my thing but I can certainly appreciate the hard work that has gone into this mix.

The final remix is by We The North, here we return to all out electronics, the bass-line is especially impressive and is the core of the track, overlayed we have sequencers and dark sounding synth parts, which give this mix quite a haunting feeling, this is another mix I really like and the remix treatment once again showcases the vocal.

What can I say.....This is truly an outstanding EP and in "Exposed Thoughts" the band have unearthed a real treasure, it is quite something to hear 7 remixes of the same track, that all work so well, not only that but they are all so varied, and for me that is what defines a quality song.

Absolute perfection 10/10

You can listen to the original version of the track and pre-order the single via Bandcamp:

Visit the Vogon Poetry Facebook page:

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

i-Select #45

This is a series of shows dedicated to electronic/synthpop bands that are unsigned, signed to a small independent label or self release their material.

White Lion Radio prides itself on bringing you music which you don't always get access to and to showcase bands and artists that are really very talented and deserve to be heard.

These shows will feature bands from across the globe!

Listen On Mixcloud

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Full Playlist:

Shedizer - Tonight (People Theatre's Amor Remix)
Knight$ - Shadows
Mind Machine - Clouds Of Doubt
Diamond Field & Bob Haro - Won't Compromise
Into the Blood - Into the Groove (Radio Edit)
Gregory Dillon - Painted Blue (Rusty Egan Remix)
Jonteknik - Electricity
Promenade Cinema - The Power Of Love
Model Depose - Stranger
Lucky And Love - Telekinesis
Mind Machine - Return To The Machine
Projekt Ich Ft Marcus Mokuso - New Dreams For Old (Depechen Remix)
Analoge Electronic Whatever - You Never Did
Centre Excuse - Thank You For Moving Me Up (Darwinmcd Remix)
Dissonance Ascent - Starstuff
DJ Cro-G Ft Javier Yuch - Summer 2019
Vogon Poetry - Exposed Thoughts
Jeff McCall - On My Mind
Shedizer Ft C├ęcila SOLER - Your Skin
Knight$ - Hijack My Heart
Severance Delight - Her Dream
Lucky And Love - Summertime Frolic

Monday, 15 April 2019

The Electronic Music Hour #45

Welcome to edition #45 of our series "The Electronic Music Hour", which features some of the best electronic and synthpop music from the last 40 years.

These shows not only include well known artists from the last 4 decades but new and emerging bands on the electronic music scene from around the world, a lot of which are either unsigned, or on a small independent label, or self release their material.

So the shows will feature old and new tracks that fit in the electronic/synthpop genre.

Listen On Mixcloud

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Marsheaux - Get the Balance Right
New Musik - Straight Lines
Mr Jones Machine - My Time
Erasure - Golden Heart (GRNs 'Golden Glow' Radio Edit)
Talk Talk - Renee
Vision Talk - Safe And Sound
Kraftwerk - The Hall Of Mirrors (3-D Version)
Rational Youth Ft Johan Baeckstrom - The Face Of Dorian Gray
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Single Remix)
OMD - As We Open So We Close
Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight
Rusty Egan Ft Midge Ure - Glorious
Jonteknik - From Madrid To Barcelona
Hurts - The Water

Monday, 8 April 2019

Maximum 80s #69

White Lion Radio have released Edition 69 of Maximum 80s.

This is a series of shows that feature nothing but the very best in 1980s 12 Inch Singles.

The biggest hits on the biggest format from a classic decade......the 1980s.

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Track List

Kim Wilde - You Came (The Close Remix)
John Foxx - Stars On Fire (12 Inch Version)
Forrest - Rock The Boat (High Dynamic 12 Inch Remix)
Quincy Jones - Ai No Corrida (12 Inch Version)
Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth (Beat Box Mix)
Gregory Abbott - Shake You Down (Extended Club Mix)
Queen - The Invisible Man (12 Inch Version)
New Order - Touched By The Hand Of God (12 Inch Version)
Sharon Brown - Specialize In Love (12 Inch Version)
A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (Extended Version)

Monday, 1 April 2019

Rubik's 80s Mix #69

Edition #69 of Rubik's 80s Mix is now out on White Lion Radio.

This a series of shows that includes the very best in 80s music all in one continuous mix.

The biggest hits from the greatest decade in music history!

A show guaranteed to bring back so many happy memories!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Listen on here

Full Playlist

Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines On TV
ABC - When Smokey Sings
Billy Idol - Hot In The City
Morrissey - Suedehead
Heart - Alone
Bananarama - Love In The First Degree
Belinda Carlisle - Heaven Is A Place On Earth
Joyce Sims - Come Into My Life
Climie Fisher - Love Changes Everything
Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back The Clock
Erasure - The Circus
Jellybean Ft Elisa Fiorillo - Who Found Who
Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky
The Style Council - Long Hot Summer