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True - The Story Of Eric C. Powell

Welcome, to “True – The Story Of Eric C Powell”

Eric C Powell, is an electronic music artist, based in Texas, in the states, his love for electronic music goes back to his youth, and he started writing his own songs, at the age of 16, after he got his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 106.

Eric was encouraged to form his own band, during his university years, and formed the band Turning Keys, Eric was the vocalist and songwriter. The band also included female vocalist Andrea Matthews, who would eventually get married to Eric. The band went on to release 2 EP’s “Opening Doors” in 1990, and “Stay” in 1993, in addition they released 2 albums, their debut album “Waiting”, was released on Cassette in 1992, and they followed that up, with the album “Age Of Wonder”, in 1995.

Turning Keys also performed live, and supported the likes of Missing Persons, Depeche Mode and A Flock Of Seagulls who were massive stateside, in the 80s.

Eric moved on from Turning Keys, and continued as a Music Director, working with various artists and musicians. After moving to Texas, he was keen to make electronic music once again, and re-built his home studio, and set about recording material for a solo album, and In November 2016, he released the album “Back To Life”, which included tracks, such as, “Understand”, “Gone”, and a cover of the Depeche Mode track “The Sun And The Rainfall”.


Earlier in the same year, Eric released a remastered collection of material by his former band, Turning Keys, this would feature tracks from the album “Waiting”, as well as, tracks from their “Opening Doors EP”.

In December 2017, Eric released a new single called “Noise Zombie”, the track was entered into, the  KV331, Audio Synthmaster Track Contest, and managed to achieve 3rd place, with the track, quite an achievement.

In May 2018 Eric collaborated, with Darwin MCD on a new track, called “Click”, a stunning piece of synthpop music, a 4 track EP was released , as well as, an 8 track remix EP, with remixes by Andrik Arkane, Nature Of Wires and 4 remixes by UK musician Fused.

Without doubt, one of the best synthpop tracks released in 2018. The track even got played on BBC Music Introducing, such was its popularity.

DarwinMCD & Eric Powell, were also runners up, for Best Electro Act, in Online Radio Awards, fully deserved too.

The following month, Eric released the single “True”, a further taster for his new album.

Before the year was out, Eric teamed up with Andrea, on a Christmas single called “O Come Emmanuel”, which was given a stunning electronic makeover.

In January 2019 a further single was released, called “Need A Place”, which again featured Andrea Powell, on vocals.

“Need A Place”, is a track off Eric’s brand new album “True”, that has just been released, the album is influenced by the likes of OMD, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, and as well as including “Need A Place”, it also included the singles “Noise Zombie”, “Click”, and “True”.

You can listen to White Lion Radio's Audio Documentary "True - The Story Of Eric C. Powell" on Mixcloud:

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The album “True” and many other releases are available on Eric’s Bandcamp page:

His music is also available on the popular digital download stores

You can find out more about Eric, and his music by visiting his official homepage:

In addition, Eric also has a Facebook page where you can follow him, and keep up to date with his releases and any live dates:

White Lion Radio Present - True (The Story Of Eric C. Powell)

"True - The Story Of Eric C. Powell", is an audio documentary about American Electronic Music artist Erc C. Powell.

Eric, is an electronic music artist, based in Texas, in the states, his love for electronic music goes back to his youth, and he started writing his own songs, at the age of 16, after he got his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 106.

Eric was encouraged to form his own band, during his university years, and formed the band Turning Keys, Eric was the vocalist and songwriter. Since then he has released 2 solo albums "Back To Life" in 2016 and has just released a brand new solo album called "True".

This documentary looks at his music career to date.

Listen to the Documentary on Mixcloud:

Listen to the Documentary on


Calling Your Name
I Ran
In You
Sweet Perfume
Noise Zombie
Click (Ruby Red Fused Remix)
Need A Place
Waiting For The Time
But Not Tonight
A Little Respect

Eric C. Powell Bandcamp Page:

Eric C. Powell Official Homepage:

Monday, 23 September 2019

i-Select #50

White Lion Radio have released edition #50 of i-Select.

This is a series of shows dedicated to electronic/synthpop bands that are unsigned, signed to a small independent label or self release their material. White Lion Radio prides itself on bringing you music which you don't always get access to and to showcase bands and artists that are really very talented and deserve to be heard.

These shows will feature bands from across the globe!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

Listen to the show on

Full Playlist

Synesthete - Pools
Daybehavior - Theres Nothing Else (Single Version)
Psy'Aviah Ft Mari Kattman - Searching
Boytronic - No Sad Songs
Projekt Ich Ft Catrine Christensen - Little Star
Mind Machine - Here And There (Gary Hunter's Parralox 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Softwave - Reflected Memories
Into The Blood - Closer To Me (Radio Edit)
Man Without Country - Forever Endeavour
Tyton Project - Outsiders
Jigsaw Sequence Ft Kay Burden - Never
Watch Clark - Class Actress
Fused Ft Kay Burden - Tear Me To Pieces (Gary Hunter's Technopop Mix Radio Edit)
Electric Youth - On My Own
Nature Of Wires - Negative Resolutions
Eric C Powell - Waiting For The Time
Shedizer - Sometimes
Parralox - Change of Heart (Italoconnection Remix)
Digital Observations - Before I Fail
Daybehavior - Change
Softwave - Galaxy Of Stars
Alphabot - The Program
Boytronic - Wayward Sister
Tyton Project - In A Moment
Buzzing Sound Candy Ft Tom Wilson - Electrified Pedestrians
Psy'Aviah Ft Mari Kattman - Searching (11 Grams Radio Edit Remix)
Into The Blood - Stay Forever
Mind Machine - We Keep Walking (The New Division Remix)
Nature Of Wires - Every Single Sun
Jeff Mccall - Metal-Man
Model Depose - Red Alert
Red Sleeping Beauty - Emma's House
Electric Youth - Now Now
Projekt Ich Ft Erik Stein - This Time I'm Over You
Softwave - Something Is Missing
Tyton Project - In Vertigo

Monday, 16 September 2019

The Electronic Music Hour #50

Welcome to edition #50 of our series "The Electronic Music Hour", which features some of the best electronic and synthpop music from the last 40 years.

These shows not only include well known artists from the last 4 decades but new and emerging bands on the electronic music scene from around the world, a lot of which are either unsigned, or on a small independent label, or self release their material.

So the shows will feature old and new tracks that fit in the electronic/synthpop genre.

Listen On Mixcloud

Listen On


Liza Minnelli - Don't Drop Bombs
Electro Spectre - Been To Long
Tubeway Army - We Are So Fragile
Unisonlab - Stereolab (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Glas - Bring Heaven Down
China Crisis - Papua
John Foxx - Cinemascope
Johan Baeckstrom - Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
Simple Minds - Oh Jungleland
Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth
Kite - Dance Again
Solitary Experiments - Stars
Ruined Conflict - In Open Arms
Hurts - Wings

Monday, 9 September 2019

Maximum 80s Edition #73

White Lion Radio have released edition # 73 of Maximum 80s.

A show that celebrates the 1980s 12 Inch Single!

The biggest hits in the 12 Inch format from the greatest decade in music history!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Listen to the show on here

Playlist For The Show

Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky (Extended)
Shalamar - A Night To Remember (M&M Remix)
Yarbrough & Peoples - Don't Stop The Feeling (12" Club Mix)
Inner Life - I Like It Like That (Shep Pettibone 12" Version)
Japan - Quiet Life (12 Inch Mix)
Crown Heights Affair - You Gave Me Love (12 Inch Mix)
Alison Moyet - Is This Love (L.A. Mix)
The Sugarhill Gang - Rapper's Delight (12 Inch Mix)
The Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now (Extended Short)
A Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)

Monday, 2 September 2019

Mind Machine Album "Remix The Machine" Reviewed

Mind Machine are an electronic duo, based in the states and originally formed in 1989. They split in 1995 and reformed in 2016 and released a compilation called "Movement", which featured the very best of their music from 1990-1995.

In February this year, they self released, the very impressive album, "Return To The Machine", read our review of that album here.

The band then reached out to the independent synthpop/electronic music scene, in their quest to put together a remix album, that would feature remixes of tracks that were featured, on "Return To The Machine".

The remixes have been compiled, and now, the band present "Remix The Machine", a stunning 16 track package, with a lot of remixes by regulars on our Radio shows, including, DarwinMCD, Nature Of Wires, Parralox, Fused, Frozen Plasma, The Frixion, Uncreated, People Theatre and Zoon Politicon.

DarwinMCD remix the opening track "We Keep Walking", a fantastic remix that has industrial rhythm sounds that take you back to the Depeche Mode "People Are People" era, wonderful synth sounds give the song a warm makeover, the rhythm aspects are top notch. Nature Of Wires provide the next remix "Enlightened Heart", as you would expect from NOW they give the song an uplift with their trademark pad and synth sounds and strong rhythms, even the Casio VL-Tone Calculator/Synth makes a brief appearance, what I like about this mix is the vocals get a chance to take centre stage, the duo write excellent lyrics, something that probably goes a bit unnoticed.

A remix album wouldn't be the same, without an offering from Parralox, the Australian synthpop band, and what a gem it is, the song "Here And There", is taken to a whole new level, italo disco bass-line, fabulous melodies and sequenced parts, the strong chorus works a treat with this mix, quite possibly the best remix Parralox have ever done, one of the best tracks in this collection, nearly 8 minutes of synthpop heaven, , brilliant!

Surely a major candidate for a single release.

Talking of singles, the Fused remix of "Clouds Of Doubt", was chosen as the lead single off the album and what a wise choice that was, Fused have impressed me greatly with their remix work and are getting more and more requests to remix tracks by other artists, his own releases have been fantastic to, I highly recommend searching out their covers of Depeche Mode's "Dreaming Of me" and "Love In Itself". So to "Clouds Of Doubt", as you would expect this has been given a "Depeche" style makeover, the song is very strong in it's own right (excellent vocals and lyrics again), choosing Fused to remix this particular track is a masterstroke as it is a perfect fit, a big highlight on this album. "The Pain You Feel", remixed by Provision is upbeat and darker but, with stunning sequencer segments, the pad sound they have used adds depth to the track, I love that chugging Bass-Line, another excellent remix, this grows on you the more you listen to it.

Really great to see a track remixed by Frozen Plasma, they lend their remixing skills to the track "Further Than Far" and they have done a mighty fine job too. Lots of nice melodic parts, the drums are superb and it has a more powerful impact than the original version, the melody sound for the middle eight is outstanding, perfect! Add this to the list, under "Impressive Remix".

MDA have remixed "Hundred Thousand Million", a mid paced gem that has been given another "Depeche" sound makeover, I like the sequencers on this mix and the vocals sound strong, the vocal type sound is very effective too, a fascinating remix to listen too as they is a lot going on behind the vocals.

The Frixion have done an amazing job on remixing the instrumental "Return To The Machine", pure pop, warm sound and a superb job done on the structure and the make up of the sound on the track, well done.

The New Division have also remixed the track "We Keep Walking" and they, like DarwinMCD have done an excellent job, this is such an infectious track in it's own right and this remix has kept to a strong pop blueprint, strong bass-line and a catchy melody, again a big thumbs up.

The track "Here And There" receives the remix treatment for a second time on this remix album, this time by Eisfabrik, they give the track more of a dance makeover, which is refreshing, as it is different to the Parralox remix, strong bass-line and the lead into the chorus is exquisitely done, overall this remix has a harder edge to it.

Uncreated have remixed "The Pain You feel" and Patrik has given the mix a Vanguard/Uncreated soundscape, some nice synth touches here and excellent use of sequencers. People Theatre are well known for their remixes on the independent electronic music scene, so I am delighted they have remixed the track "Natural Emotion", this is another that is given the dance treatment, lots of strings against a four to the floor beat, the chorus section is especially "banging! :) Very enjoyable.

Zoon Politicon get to grips with remixing the track "Enlightened Heart" and once again we have a good solid remix, the bass synth is given room to shine and I do like the use of pads, the vocals too, get a chance to shine on this remix, elements of the remix reminded me of The Human League, a dark and haunting remix that again demonstrates the variety of remixes on the album. Excellent!

"Clouds Of Doubt" gets a second remix on this album, this time by Graflex, there is no doubt that this song is the closest to being a Depeche Mode track, a track that I am liking more and more, the vocals have been given an effects makeover, which works a treat, a really warm sound to the vocals, the music backdrop is pure Depeche Mode and that, in my book is a good thing, brilliant again.

The Grey Disorder turn their remixing skills to the song "Further Than Far", fantastic intro, sweep pads, choir sounds, then strings to give the opening segment drama, before the song kicks into synthpop terrortory, strong bass sounds and uptempo rhythm but for me it is the use of synth sounds that grab my attention on this mix, without a doubt, a standout remix.

The album closes with a remix of "A Letter Never Written" by Circuit3, a remix that has a big Vince Clarke influence, fanatstic rhythm section and a "Personal Jesus" bass-line punctuated with wonderful synth parts, the vocals and instrumentation work together perfectly.

It isn't very often you listen to a remix album and fully enjoy it from start to finish but this album has accomplished that, Mind Machine have planned this release carefully and they have definitely pulled a masterstroke in approaching well known artists on the independent electronic music scene to remix their songs, who knows White Lion Radio may have played a part in that factor.

What this album does show, is the songs themselves, are clearly very strong and the remix work has elevated them to an even higher level, my words don't really do justice to how impressive this collection is, so I highly recommend you check this album out, truly, you won't be disappointed.


The Remix album is available from Bandcamp on CD & as a Digital Download:

The original album "Return To The Machine" is also available from Bandcamp on CD & as a Digital Download:

Check out the bands earlier material recorded between 1990-1995 on the compilation "Movement - The Very Best Of Mind Machine 1990-1995)", which is also available on CD and as a Digital Download from Bandcamp:

Mind Machine are also on Facebook:

Rubik's 80s Mix (Volume 73) Released Today

Edition #73 of Rubik's 80s Mix is now out on White Lion Radio.

This a series of shows that includes the very best in 80s music all in one continuous mix.

The biggest hits from the greatest decade in music history!

A show guaranteed to bring back so many happy memories!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Listen on here

Full Playlist

Mantronix Ft Wondress - Got To Have Your Love
Cyndi Lauper - I Drove All Night
Talk Talk - It's My Life
Shalamar - There It Is
Barry White - You're The First The Last My Everything
The Real Thing - You To Me Are Everything
Bananarama - Robert De Nero's Waiting
Toyah - It's A Mystery
Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To the Doctor)
The Sisters Of Mercy - Dominion
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
Ashford & Simpson - Solid
Kool & The Gang - Fresh
Climie Fisher - Love Changes (Everything)
The Beloved - The Sun Rising