Tuesday, 22 December 2015

White Lion Radio's Top 50 Electronic & Synthpop Tracks Of 2015

Out today on White Lion Radio is Part 2 of our Top 50 Electronic & Synthpop Albums of 2015, this is a chart that contains music by independent bands, bands on small labels or that self release their material and have been featured on our i-Select and Live DJ Mix shows during 2015.

It's a show that is well worth listening to, if you love electronic music, as their are some unbelievable bands out their, waiting to be discovered by major record labels. The music featured is by bands across the world.

Part 2 features Numbers 25 to 1

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25. Dancing With Ruby - Becoming Undone
24. Exciting Valence - Coming Home
23. Marsheaux - Monument
22. Metroland - Design (Fotonovela's R2D2 Loves C3PO Remix)

21. Parralox - Aeronaut
20. Colony 5 - Fusion (Amplifier Remix)
19. XParadox - Alive

18. Johan Baeckstrom - Starlights
17. Cosmicity - Reparations
16. Vogon Poetry - Moments
15. Deutsche Bank - Don't Stop The Autopop

14. Minuit Machine - Battles
13.Tenek - Soloman
12. Vanguard - A Brighter Day
11. Metroland - Zeppelin

10. Marsheaux - The Sun And The Rainfall
09. Machinista - Picture Frame Eternity
08. Eurotix - Stun-Gun Set To Face Her

07. Future Perfect - Fall
06. Johan Baeckstrom - One Last Time
05. Machinista - Dark Heart Of Me

04. Eurotix - The Innocent Years
03. Daybehavior - Change
02. Metroland - Utopia

01. Eurotix - The Best Of Times

Part 1
is available here and here

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Future Perfect Album "After The Fall" Reviewed

North Wales electronic duo Future Perfect have just released the CD version of the album "After The Fall", it's an album that shows confidence and their sound, on this their 3rd album, has a harder edge to it and is dark and uplifting.

The track "Fall" is the opening track on the album and is a track that has secured a position in White Lion Radio's Top 10 tracks of 2015. It's a brilliant track and we love the use of the Korg M1 on this track, choir sounds that give the track a more haunting feel and deeper sound. One of Future Perfects best ever tracks. "Dangerous Desires" also sees the band on fine form, Rebecca's vocals are delivered with attitude, dark electro at it's best, Musically and vocally this track delivers, the piano in the middle 8 was an unexpected treat, mixed in beautifully with the dark synth sounds.

"Walking On Knives" is a short instrumental piece akin to what Depeche Mode have done on some album releases. This fitted in really well with the concept of the album. "Neo Rom Com" is a full on in your face electronic track, glam guitar and throbbing bass dominate this track. The fusion of synths and Simons vocals work really well, one of our favourite tracks on the album. "Protect And Survive" is a track that has been featured on our shows and is very upbeat, four to the floor rhythm punctuated with synth stabs, the song boasts a great chorus with blended vocals by both Simon and Rebecca. It's a track that shows the "Lighter" side of Future Perfect. "A.D.S.R" is another short interlude track that makes good use of vocal effects. The tracks leads into "Spaces" which is another fine electro pop track, Rebecca takes the lead vocal on this one, it's a fantastic track with a very strong chorus, great lyrics on this track, this is probably the one track that is a throwback to their album "Escape". The final track is "Excess", this is a song that draws on the influence of both Gary Numan and Depeche Mode, definitely has a much harder edge than the other songs on the album, didn't know what to make of this track initially but after a few listens it does grow on you.

The album does come with 4 bonus tracks, Destination have remixed "Neo Rom Com" and "(After The) Fall" both of which have been given the Destination "Synthpop" treatment and are both fine remixes. "Priest Of Excess" is a remix of "Excess" by Immune System, it's more stripped down than the original version but it is a superb remix. The last of the bonus tracks is the instrumental version of "Fall" which highlights just how good this track is musically.

This is an album that demonstrates that they have expanded their sound palette and have produced a collection of songs that are energetic and moody. This really is an impressive 3rd album.


The album is available on CD via Conzoom Records:

Future Perfect - After The Fall (Conzoom Records)

 It is also available via Bandcamp:

Future Perfect - After The Fall (Bandcamp)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

White Lion Radio's Top 50 Electronic & Synthpop Tracks Of 2015

Out today on White Lion Radio is Part 1 of our Top 50 Electronic & Synthpop Albums of 2015, this is a chart that contains music by independent bands, bands on small labels or that self release their material and have been featured on our i-Select and Live DJ Mix shows during 2015.

It's a show that is well worth listening to, if you love electronic music, as their are some unbelievable bands out their, waiting to be discovered by major record labels. The music featured is by bands across the world.

Part 1 features Numbers 50 to 26

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50. The Voice And The Snake - Children Of The Sun (People Theatre's Thunder Mix)
49. Kaos - Puppet Dance
48. Disco Digitale - Synthetic Man
47. Touching The Void - Obsession (Desire Remix)
46. Andrew Franey - In The Night
45. James D Stark - Dying Beauty
44. Eurasianeyes - Call Your God (Radio Edit)
43. Epic Dreams - Summer Nights
42. Frozen Plasma - Foolish Dreams
41. Vogon Poetry - Virtues
40. !Distain - A Million Engines
39. Teknique - Face The Reality (Simple Cut Remix)
38. Mackintosh Braun - Never Give In
37. Beborn Beton - I Believe
36. Minuit Machine - Honey
35. Lola Dutronic - End Of The World
34. Angels & Agony - Shine
33. Substaat - Electric (Rossetti's Compass Remix)
32. Vile Electrodes - Captive In Symetry
31. Vanguard - I Want To Live
30. Beborn Beton - She Cried
29. Xparadox - Hero
28. Tenek - Imitation Of Life
27. Machinista - Battered
26. Eurotix - I Don't Hate You Anymore

Part 2 will be released next Tuesday 22nd December.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Tenek's New Album "Smoke And Mirrors" Reviewed

Tenek make a welcome return with their new album "Smoke And Mirrors", the follow up to the 2010 album "On The Wire".

The first thing that is immediately noticeable is how much fuller the sound is, which is down to the fact that some new musicians have joined the "Tenek family". Drummer Steve Clarke who's contribution to this album should not be underestimated, in addition on Bass on some of the tracks are Michael Steer, Paul Jackson and Sam Morrison. It definitely adds to the powerful sound of the album.

The opening track "Everything Lost" is truly excellent with some superb bass-lines and synth parts, it's a well rounded track with a strong chorus line, a potential single maybe? "Fear For Nothing" is a rockier sounding track with punchy synths and some very impressive bass by Michael Steer, a strong vocal too and the drums certainly make an excellent impact with this track. "Another Day" was the first single released off the album and it is brilliant, i'm immediately drawn to that "Numan" style string synth, some great accomplished guitar work as well, a solid track that rates as one of Tenek's best tracks. Next is their recent single "What Kind Of Friend", which fuses electronics and guitars perfectly and of course has a great sing-a-long chorus, a track I would think is a firm live favourite.

"Blue Man" has a great synthetic intro and is a track where the drums come into their own, this is more electronic and has lush layered synth sounds, it's a slower paced track and for me is an instant favourite.

"Headlights" has a Duran Duran influence on it, with a hint of a Numan influence also thrown in for good measure, the blend of electronics and guitars again is perfect, this has moments of pure dance bliss as well as atmospheric sections, a very interesting and impressive song. Love it!

"A New Foundation" was originally included on their "Another Day EP" and is a track I have always liked, quite anthemic in its delivery, another fine synth part in the chorus and I love the piano part in the middle 8, which kind takes the track into another direction, before the chorus kicks in again."Sunlight" is a track that veers more to their electronic side, a well constructed track with some great sounds, it's a different sounding track, with some impressive ambient strings that really do add to the atmospherics of the track. "Immitation Of Life" is a superb track, probably their most commercial track on the album, great mix of guitars and synths, an uplifting chorus that is a throwback to Numan's "Replicas" album sound.

"Soloman" is a very interesting track, it's again a lot more electronic than some of the tracks on the album, I like the bass-line (very Ultravox) and that beautiful, yet simple melody line, it's quite a moody track and is definitely one of the highlights on the album and for me the best track on the album. The album closes with the title track of the album, which again has a heavy Gary Numan influence running through it, a Mid paced track that once again makes brilliant use of both their electronic side and their more rockier side. Tenek are masters at getting the balance between the two absolutely spot on.

An album 5 years in the making but the result has been well worth the wait, the songs are strong and the production is outstanding. It is an album that is diverse and clearly shows the development in Tenek's sound. Personally I think this is their best album to date and definitely worth investing in.


The album is available on CD and is also available as a Digital Download via Bandcamp.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

White Lion Radio's Top 10 Electronic & Synthpop Albums Of 2015

White Lion Radio is delighted to present their Top Ten Electronic/Synthpop albums of 2015. The electronic music scene shows no sign of slowing down and this show demonstrates that perfectly. It has been a year of some fantastic album releases in the Electronic genre with Sweden once again proving to be the country that leads the way. There are no less than 4 albums by bands from Sweden in our Top Ten!

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Here is the full Playlist for the show:

Number 10 - Dancing With Ruby - In The Interest Of Beasts
 (Becoming Undone, Storm, Hold Everything Dear)
Number 9 - Vogon Poetry - The Prefect Stories
 (Moments, Hyperspace Bypass, Never Too Late (Glenn Main Remix)
Number 8 - Lola Dutronic - Lost In Translation
 (Trying Not To Think About You, Go f*** Yourself, The End Of The World)
Number 7 - XParadox - Counting Farewells
 (Hero, Well Of Sorrow, Alive)
Number 6 - Minuit Machine - Violent Rains
 (June 7, Honey, Battles)
Number 5 - Machinista - Garmonbozia
 (Dark Heart Of Me, Surprised By Death, Picture Frame Eternity)
Number 4 - Metroland - Triadic Ballet
 (Zeppelin (Diskodikator Remix), The Manifesto (Franck Kartell Remix), Utopia)
Number 3 - Johan Baeckstrom - Like Before
 (Come With Me, Tonight, One Last Time)
Number 2 - Marsheaux - A Broken Frame
(My Secret Garden, See You, The Sun And The Rainfall)
Number 1 - Eurotix - Deux
(The Innocent Years, Tonight, Stun-Gun Set To Face Her)

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Swedish Synthpop (Volume 2)

Without doubt one of the countries that is leading the way in electronic and synthpop music is Sweden. Over the last few years there has been a wealth of new and exciting electronic bands emerging from Sweden and this is our second show dedicated to the very best of those bands.

If you are a lover of catchy, melody driven songs, then this show is for you and it may just surprise you just how good the electronic music scene is in Sweden!

Enjoy 90 minutes of some of the finest electronic music in Europe.

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Ashbury Heights - Smaller
Machinista - Molecules & Carbon
Daybehavior - Superstar (Electropop Mix)
Colony 5 - Fusion (Amplifier Remix)
Presence Of Mind - Why I Wonder Why
Vogon Poetry - In Darkness Lost Again
Erotic Elk - Suffer In Silence
Camelot - Saved By Time
Auto Auto - Black Disco Ball
Mr Jones Machine - Winter Stays
Vision Talk - Wave My Last Goodbye
Daily Planet - Trust
Vanguard - On My Own
Avantgarde - Maureen
Moonlight Cove - Shadow Of Your Embrace
Endless Shame - Trial Of Fire
Elegant Machinery - Words Of Wisdom
Cinemascape - The Comforting Night
Denormal - Alone
Eurotix - Life As It Slips Away