Friday, 29 January 2016

Metroland's New Album "Things Will Never Sound The Same Again" Reviewed

Metroland return with their 3rd album "Things Will Never Sound The Same Again". It's no ordinary album as it came about after the unexpected passing of Louis Zachert, their sound engineer in August of last year. Louis was not only an important cog in the Metroland sound, he was also a friend of both members stretching back many years. This is their way of paying tribute to him.

The opening track "Tune In" is an interesting idea as it is someone tuning an old radio, various snippets of radio stations are heard and if you listen carefully you will hear a very brief clip of the Metroland track "The Passenger", which was Louis's favourite Metroland track. Next is "Vie (mental impressions reproduced by electronic means)", which has a haunting choral intro and breathing sound effects, punctured by a sequenced bass-line, it's a moody reflective track, then part way through the dynamics of the track change and it develops into a more upbeat song, with an obvious nod in the direction of both Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre.

"Synthetic Sound" is trademark Metroland, fantastic sequencer elements and good use of Vocal samples, the rhythm track holds everything together perfectly, one of my favourite tracks on the album.

The start of the next track "Good Moaning", definitely has a Kraftwerk influence on it with the string sounds, yet again brilliant sequenced sections, it's another fairly upbeat song and fans of their previous work will love this track, It's a song that could quite easily have fitted nicely on their "Triadic Ballet" album. "This Little Thingy" instantly reminded me of classic Jean Michel Jarre, in fact I can hear quite a lot of a Jean Michel Jarre influence on this album. A sequencer riff develops nicely and is joined by more sequencer patterns, I've said it before and will say it again Metroland are, without doubt, one of the best bands out there for creating catchy sequencer lines, they take over a normal melody line to such good effect.

"Brother" definitely has a very personal touch about it, especially the title and the haunting vocal line. A very uplifting track, beautifully constructed. I'm really impressed with this track. It is fitting this track is followed by the title track "Things Will Never Sound The Same Again" which is a statement to show how important Louis was to the Metroland sound. Some brilliant layered strings add to the mood of the song, some really good percussion effects on this track and a great bass-line as well.

"Music Machine" has a very erie start, clever use of vocal samples again and the melody hook synth is quite brilliant and unexpected, it's almost a song that is a celebration, (listen to it and you will understand what I mean), it's a fantastic upbeat track and one of the stand out tracks on the album, superb!!!. Next is the single "Under The Roof", the title of this track is important as it was the name of Louis's recording studio, the track has a similar feel and mood to the tracks recorded for "Triadic Ballet", awash with more outstanding sequencer programming, and the main melody line is one of those you just find yourself whistling or humming, I wasn't sure it was the best choice for the single at first, but after several listens you understand why they chose it.

Now I was blown away by the track "Utopia" off the "Triadic Ballet" album (It was the Number 2 track of 2015 in White Lion Radio's end of year chart) and then I heard "Quo Vardis", best compliment I can give this track is this, it is the best Kraftwerk sounding track they have recorded to date. You have the trademark sequencers but it is the lead synths that take your breath away, they are astounding and a thing of beauty and the way the track ends is "so Kraftwerk", this is one of Metrolands top 3 tracks of all time.

The album closes with a reprise of "Never Again" with a piano lead, a superb way to end the album.

As a complete body of work this is a wonderful tribute to Louis Zachert.

Metroland have produced another gem of an album, which was extremely enjoyable from start to finish and something that i'm sure Louis would be proud of, well done Metroland.


The album is out on the 16th February and is available on CD here and Digital Download here

Monday, 25 January 2016

i-Select #9

Welcome to edition #9 of a new series on White Lion Radio called, i-Select.

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Track List

Metroland - Under The Roof (Headphone)
Cinemascape - Sinister
Fragile Tom - Removed From Fiction
Future Perfect - Neo Rom Com (Destination Remix)
De/Vision - Lonely Day (Radio Cut)
Technique - So Cold (Arp Mix)
Advance - Calm Before The Storm
Vision Talk - Come With Me
Ex Machina - Lost Day
Exciting Valence - Why
Tenek - Everything Lost
Fragile Tom - Naked Bone
Vogon Poetry - Moments (Johan Baeckstrom Remix)
Metroland - Synthetic Sound
Future Perfect - Dangerous Desires
Technique - Dreamer
Andrew Franey - Morgan Le Fay
Exciting Valence - It's Never To Late
Machinista - Scare (2015 Mix)
Eurotix - Tonight

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Golden Years - White Lion Radio's Tribute To David Bowie

Like millions of people around the world, we were shocked to hear of the passing of David Bowie on January 10th 2015. His music has had a profound effect on music fans for decades and rightly deserves the status of "Iconic Legend".

As a tribute we present this special show, in which we play our favourite Bowie tracks from across his career and hope you enjoy our selection.

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Space Oddity
Life On Mars (2003 Ken Scott Mix)
Sound & Vision
Boys Keep Swinging
Ashes To Ashes (Single Version)
Scary Monsters And Super Creeps (Single Version)
China Girl (Single Version)
Blue Jean (Single Remix)
This Is Not America, Absolute Beginners
Strangers When We Meet (Single Version)
Thursday's Child (Radio Edit)
Seven (Marius De Vries Mix)
Everyone Says Hi (Edit)
Where Are We Now

Monday, 11 January 2016

Maximum 80s (Volume 33)

This is a series of shows that feature nothing but the very best in 1980s 12 Inch Singles. The biggest hits on the biggest format from a classic decade......the 1980s.

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Track List

Blondie - Atomic (Diddy's 12 Inch Mix)
Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (12 Inch Mix)
Spandau Ballet - Gold (12 Inch Mix)
Elton John - Nikita (Extended Version)
Ultravox - Love's Great Adventure (12 Inch Version)
De La Soul - Me Myself & I (12 Inch Mix)
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five Ft Melle Mel - White Lines (US 12 Inch Mix)
Phil Oakey & Giorgio Moroder - Together In Electric Dreams (Extended Mix)
Harold Faltermeyer - Axel F (12 Inch Mix)
Yello - The Race (12 Inch Mix)

Monday, 4 January 2016

Rubik's 80s Mix (Volume 33)

Welcome to Volume 33 of a series of shows on White Lion Radio called Rubik's 80s Mix, a show that features classic hits from a classic decade......the 1980s.

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Track List

OMD - Electricity
Erasure - The Circus
Visage - Love Glove
Feargal Sharkey - A Good Heart
Toyah - Thunder In The Mountains
New Order - Round And Round
John Foxx - Europe After The rain
Randy Crawford - One Day I'll Fly Away
The Associates - Club Country
A-Ha - You Are The One
Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
Jermaine Jackson - Do What You Do
The Style Council - Long Hot Summer
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
The Rock Steady Crew - (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew