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Day 9 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 9.....

Soft Cell - Bedsitter (12 Inch Version)

Well what can I say about this 12 Inch Single, it holds a lot or personal memories for me, not all of them good memories. When this came out I was living in a grubby bedsit and so I connected with this song immediately. I became a big fan of Soft Cell when they released “Tainted Love” (The 12 Inch Version of that is also excellent).

What I like about “Bedsitter (12 Inch Version)" was the fact they introduced totally new elements and lyrics to the mix, brilliantly produced and sounds stunning even by today’s standards.  The 12 inch unfolds like a story, so many lines sung could very well be related to me, they’re not of course but it felt like it at the time. I should point out, that if I allowed more than one song per artist in this feature the 12 Inch of Soft Cell’s “Where The Heart Is” would definitely be included, another song I connected with, especially with the lyrics.

Anyway back to the 12 Inch of “Bedsitter”, it was released in October 1981 and reached Number 4 in the UK Singles Chart (It should have been a number one hit in my book). The extended version is nearly 8 minutes long and absolutely brilliant. On the flip side of the 12 Inch is an extended version of my favourite Soft Cell B Side “Facility Girls”, that is over 7 minutes long, the track tells the story of a bored secretary working in an office, should have been an A side and certainly should have been on the album “Non Stop Erotic Cabaret”.


A1 Bedsitter (Extended) 7:53
B1 Facility Girls (Extended Version) 7:17

You will find “Bedsitter (Extended Version” on a 3CD compilation of all their 12 Inch Singles and associated B Sides, it isn’t cheap though as it is £45 on Amazon here:

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