Friday, 16 March 2018

Day 16 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 16.....

Erasure - Victim Of Love (Extended Mix)

I have followed the career of Vince Clarke since his early days in Depeche Mode and bought pretty much every record he has put out, including the criminally ignored Erasure debut album “Wonderland”, which I think is miles better than their breakthrough album “The Circus”. Of course “The Circus” does have a few top class tracks, the singles “Sometimes” and “It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That” as well as “Hideaway” but the best track in my opinion is “Victime Of Love”, Vince manages to make the acoustic guitar sound perfect alongside the more electronic sounds and drums on the record.

The 12 Inch vinyl is an essential part of my vinyl collection, the extended Mix has a running time of 7 minutes and is a blast of pure pop, on the flip side of the 12 inch is the track “The Soldier's Return (The Return Of The Radical Radcliffe Mix)” and a Dub version of “Victim Of Love”.

Erasure have always made such exceptional 12 inch versions of their singles, it’s about time they put out a proper compilation of them.

The single was released in May 1987 and reached number 7 in the UK Singles Chart.


A1 Victim Of Love (Extended Mix) 6:59
B1 The Soldier's Return (The Return Of The Radical Radcliffe Mix) 5:00
B2 Victim Of Love (Dub Mix) 3:29

You can still grab yourself a copy of the Vinyl 12 Inch for around £10 off Amazon here:

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