Thursday, 29 March 2018

Day 29 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 29

Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (12 Inch Extended Version)

Heaven 17 have always been a bit hit and miss for me, their debut album had some good songs on it, but the album “The Luxury Gap” was on another level, beautifully produced and quality tracks from start to finish, the jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the single “Let Me Go” and the 12 Inch Vinyl version extends the track perfectly, with that instantly recognizable Bass-Line, quite possibly one of the greatest ever Bass riffs from the 80s, it is what made the song.

The A Side of the vinyl 12 Inch featured the extended version of “Let Me Go”, which had a running time of just over 6 minutes, the B Side, disappointingly featured just an instrumental version of “Let Me Go”. They’ve never been a band that does proper B Sides for some strange reason.

It was released in 1982 and unbelievably only reached Number 41 in the UK Singles chart, which I find astounding. 


A1 Let Me Go (Extended Version) 6:14
B1 Let Me Go (Instrumental) 4:54

You can find the 12 Inch version of “Let Me Go” on this edition of “The Luxury Gap”, which also features some of the other 12 inch mixes that were released, for under £6 from Amazon here:

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