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Day 22 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 22

The Stranglers - Skin Deep (Extended Version)

Now I am not a fan of The Stranglers, however, I think the singles “Skin Deep” and “Always The Sun” are class records. The 12 Inch of “Skin Deep” I heard in HMV on one of my daily visits to the store in Manchester, I had started a studio electronic band with a mate of mine and couldn’t think of a name for the project and heard this track being played and straight away I thought of using the name “Skin Deep”, naturally I then purchased the Vinyl 12 Inch of the track!

So it was quite by accident that I bought this 12 Inch Single, I’m glad I did as it is a superb extended version of the song and another record that was brilliantly produced and mixed, it sounded really good on my sound system. 7 Minutes plus of total quality – The Stranglers doing pure pop, who would have ever imagined that!

The 12 Inch had 2 B Sides “Here and There” and “Vladimir And The Beast (Part III)”, both standard versions, the latter being an exclusive track on the 12 Inch.

It was released in October 1984 and reached Number 15 in the UK Singles chart (It deserved to do better).


A1 Skin Deep (Extended Version) 7:12
B1 Here and There 4:21
B2 Vladimir And The Beast (Part III) 3:55

The Extended Version of “Skin Deep” is available as a Digital Download from Amazon for 99p here:

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