Sunday, 4 March 2018

Day 4 - White Lion Radio's Favourite Vinyl 12 Inch Singles From The 80s

Day 4.....

Kraftwerk - Europe Endless (Original 12 Inch)

As soon as I discovered Kraftwerk, which was in 1978, I bought every vinyl record that became available by them and that included a 3 track 12 Inch Vinyl single, which featured “Showroom Dummies” as the lead track alongside “Spacelab” on the “A” side, whilst the B side was the glorious 9 minute plus epic “Europe Endless”. One of the most beautiful electronic tracks you are ever likely to hear, why this wasn’t released as the single (in edited form) I don’t know.

“Europe Endless” and “Showroom Dummies” were both taken from the “Trans Europe Express” album, whilst “Spacelab” is taken from the album “The Man Machine”.

Released in 1978 it didn’t have any great success chart wise.


A1 Showroom Dummies 2:44
A2 Spacelab 3:41
B1 Europe Endless 9:48

The 12 Inch version of “Europe Endless” is the same version that can be found on the album “Trans Europe Express”, which is available from Amazon here:

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