Saturday, 13 June 2015

Recommended Albums By White Lion Radio

What a fantastic recommended album of the day we have for you today, again it is by a synthpop band based in Sweden, they are called Daily Planet and the album is called "Two".

Released in 2014 this is one of those albums that is a joy to listen to from start to finish. If you are a fan of Yazoo or early Depeche Mode then this album will not disappoint!

It features the stunning singles "Trust" and "Fragile" and if you look beyond those 2 tracks there are even more slices of synthpop heaven to be found and we also recommend the tracks "Unforgiven", "Stay With Me", "Belong", "Alone" and "Nobody's Friend".

If Vince and Alison were to record a new yazoo album it wouldn't be as good as this.

Buy Daily Planet - Two

Daily Planet Facebook Page

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