Monday, 1 June 2015

Recommended Albums By White Lion Radio

Today we stay in France for White Lion Radio's recommended album of the day, which is a little different from previous selections as it is a concept album called "Footnotes" by French Synth musician Frank Ayers.

Frank has been a long time friend of White Lion Radio for a number of years and when this album was released in early 2014, it came totally out of the blue and we were very impressed with it. If you are a fan of Jean Michel Jarre and also Vangelis then this album will not disappoint. Our recommended tracks are "Tycho Conspiracy Part 1", "Tycho Conspiracy Part 2", the superb "The Love Capsule" (a track Jean Michel Jarre would have been proud to have recorded!), "Tycho Conspiracy Part 3", "Enter The Solar Winds" and "Fra Mauro"

A wonderful example on how to produce a compelling concept instrumental album.

Buy Frank Ayers - Footnotes

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