Thursday, 28 May 2015

Recommended Albums By White Lion Radio

Today White Lion Radio recommends the album "The Satellites Of Substance" by Jonteknik who is from Brighton, here in the UK.

Jon Russell the man behind Jonteknik has been releasing material for a number of years and is someone we have been following closely since his early releases.

Jon's music is heavily influenced by Kraftwerk and we think his finest work to date is the 2014 album "The Satellites Of Substance" as it really does sound like an album the godfathers of electronic music could have recorded.

The album includes the wonderful single "People At An Exhibition" (A track WLR as one of Jon's best ever tracks) as well as some really good electronic gems and we recommend you listen to "Broadcast", "Relay", "The Stars Are Not Alone", "Forever Lasts Longest", the title track "The Satellites Of Substance" and the beautiful "Music Machine".
It's a stunning album that is well worth checking out.

Buy Jonteknik - The Satellites Of Substance

Jonteknik Homepage

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