Thursday, 18 January 2018

Metroland's "Man In A Frame" EP's Reviewed

Metroland return with their first new material for 2 years with a new single "Man In A Frame".

The release is available as 2 Digital Editions, the first is a straight forward single with a B-Side called "F8", as well as a 3 track remix package.

"Man In A Frame" is a fantastic track, which features elements of both their "Mind The Gap" and "Triadic Ballet" albums, it is a well constructed track, with excellent drum & percussion sounds as well as beautiful sequencer parts over a throbbing, driving arrangement, superb use of vocals and vocal samples, with a powerful lead synth also in the mix, an excellent track, which bodes well for the new album. The interesting fact about this single, is that it is not included on the forthcoming new album, although it does set the tone for the concept of the new album.

"F8". the B-Side is a bit of a departure from the usual Metroland sound palette, we still have excellent drums and sequencers, but it is the haunting, dark synth elements that make this track stand out, again fabulous use of vocal samples. I really love this track and it shows yet again that even B-Sides have to be of a high standard for Metroland, this is one of the bands best B-Sides to date.

Next we have the Remix EP, which starts with Metroland's own Extended Version, fans of those 80s extended 12 inch singles will be delighted with this, as they have stuck to the blueprint of the 7 inch and re-edited it to the longer format and it is brilliant.

Following that we have a real treat, a Maschine Brennt remix of the B-Side "F8", I am very familiar with the work of Maschine Brennt and they are a perfect choice for remixing a Metroland track, Joacim, the man behind Maschine Brennt, has given this a real "Kraftwerk" overhaul, it is fantastic, a superb piece of work that also strengthens the fact that this is an extraordinary B-Side.

Finally we have a remix by The Frixion of the track "Man In A Frame", lots of new elements to this  remix which give it a fuller sound and more of a Synthpop feel. They stick to the original arrangement without overdoing the remix, which works very well, I like the way the drums and percussion have been beefed up on this remix, an excellent addition to the package.

Finally a word on the artwork, Metroland are well known for ensuring the artwork is as important as the music, they want to give value to the whole product and they have done a superb job of the artwork as you can see from the images here, I liken it to the work of Peter Saville, who has worked with New Order for years. I always find Metroland's artwork to be interesting and original and it is pleasing to see that they do put as much effort into this aspect of their work as they do with the music.

There is no doubting these EPs are worthy editions to the Metroland catalogue and fans will love all aspects of this release, I for one cannot wait for the new album! 9/10

More details about the release, including where you can purchase the EP's will be updated on here as soon as we have them.

Keep an eye on Metroland's Official Homepage and their Facebook page as well for more information.

Metroland's Official Homepage

Metroland's Facebook page

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