Monday, 29 January 2018

i-Select #31

White Lion Radio have today released Edition #31 of  i-Select.

This is a series of shows dedicated to electronic/synthpop bands that are unsigned, signed to a small independent label or self release their material.

White Lion Radio prides itself on bringing you music which you don't always get access to and to showcase bands and artists that are really very talented and deserve to be heard.

These shows will feature bands from across the globe!

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Infinitium - Light Candles And Incense
Jonteknik & Friends - Torch
Metroland -Man In A Frame
Empathy Test - Bare My Soul
Lola Dutronic - My Name Is Lola
Perpacity - Rule The Day
In Good Faith - Choose Your Way (L_igh_T RMX)
Vogon Poetry - Children Of Mine (Obsession Of Time Remix)
Kretz - Visual Transmissions (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Exciting Valence - We Call It Love
Softwave - Awake But Still Asleep (Oren Amram Remix)
Sinestar - A Million Like Us
Sine City - Feeding The Fear (FH Remix)
Datapop - Komputer Music (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Nature Of Wires - Wonderful Tonight (Eric Clapton Cover)
Psy'Aviah - Lost At Sea (Ft Mari Kattman) (Rool Remix)
Dead Man Recovering - Time
Ruined Conflict - Walk Of Shame
Metroland - F-8 (Gary Hunter's Maschine Brennt 7 Inch Remix)
Jonteknik & Friends - Suffer The Children
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Frozen Milk 77
Empathy Test - Here Is The Place

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