Thursday, 14 May 2020

"Svensk Kvalitet - A Tribute To Swedish 80s Pop" Album Reviewed

PBH Media are on a roll with releases, and another quality new release is "Svensk Kvalitet - A Tribute To Swedish 80s Pop", a 12 track compilation that celebrates Swedish 80s pop, again this includes familiar names to WLR listeners, with contributions included from Martin Blix (Italove), 1984, Saft, Obsession Of Time and Evan.

Martin Blix opens the album with "Nevermore", a pure pop gem, delivered with passion by Martin, an infectious opener and excellent production, lots of pop elements are on display here.

1984 have been on a bit of a run, with releases on PBH Media, and it is pleasing to see them contribute a track for this album, they have recorded "Lady O" and it is full of energy with a Pet Shop Boys vibe, one for the dancefloor.

Next we have "Brick" by The Lovers Of Valdaro Featuring Full Of Keys, a truly excellent vocal over a dance arrangement, I like how sparse the verse sections are, which makes the chorus more effective and packs more of a punch, a lot to admire in the synth work, excellent track.

"Night In The City" by Yuhniversia is fabulous, a strong bassline, with some nice sequencer parts, again upbeat, they have captured the 80s sound perfectly on this track. Another very enjoyable track.

Saft, who have been regulars on PBH media compilations that have been released, their contribution is the track "Ut Natten", which is sung in Swedish, the music is fantastic, almost anthemic, love the synth sounds used, the track is melodic and infectious and although it isn't in English I can appreciate what they have done with this song.

Our good friends Obsession Of Time are next with "Point Of View", they are a band that have really increased their output of late and they are a band I am appreciating more and more. On "Point Of View", they have certainly put their music blueprint all over this track, strong melodic hooklines, boy/girl vocals which work a treat, and of course excellent production, a big favourite of mine on this album.

Evan, another regular on PBH Media releases provides a wonderful version of "How Could I Live Without You", I love the use of piano alongside the electronics, worths really well, a great heart felt chorus that is full of emotion, a mid paced track that I thinks gets the award for my favourite track on the album, superb!

Next we have a Swedish sung song "Ifran" by Modiga Agenter, a great driving bassline and the sequencer driven elements are fantastic, again great synth work, I would love to hear an English version of the track :)

Again in Swedish we have "Rider Omkring" by Rymdkaptenen, reminded me of the Eurovision this track, I have no idea why, I think it is just the general vibe of the track, a great sing-a-long track.

"Mitt Hjarta Slar Samma Slag" by Peter Sjoholm is a fast upbeat number with a delightful little melody in the chorus, reminded me of the catchy melody on Depeche Mode's "New Life" single, even though it is in Swedish I enjoyed the track, it's catchy and fun!

"Ogon Av Is" by 7e Inseglet is more of an aggressive track, very dark sounding and was the one track I didn't connect with.

The beautiful "Dansande Man" by Rymdkaptenen closes the album, this piano driven track is such a pleasure to listen to, warm and inviting, the only ballad on the album, but deserves it's place on the compilation, really nice melodic moments throughout the track. Perfection.

Another mighty fine compilation from PBH Media and an excellent introduction to Swedish pop songs from the 80s, that you have probably not heard before, outside of Sweden.


The album is available ob both CD and as a Digital Download from the PBH Media Bandcamp page:

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