Thursday, 14 May 2020

Heart Dance Records Chillout Journey #1

White Lion Radio have released a special music label showcase today

We are delighted to introduce you to the electronic/chillout/New-Age label, Heart Dance Records, in asscociation with Higher Level Media, who are based in Phoenix, Arizona in the states.

We bring you a wonderful selection of music, and for the first time, introduce you to Eleon, Doug Blair, Majestica, Nicholas Gunn and Brian Fechino, who are all making their debuts, on White Lion Radio, on this show.

We would like to thank Sherry Finzer, from the label, for providing the music featured on the show.

The show is available on Mixcloud:

and it is also available on

You can find out more about Heart Dance Records, by visiting their official homepage, where you will also find information about the artists and you will also find their official shop on there too:

They also have a Facebook page:

Find out more about Higher Level Media by visiting their official homepage:

Again, they have a Facebook page:

Playlist For The Show

Nicholas Gunn - Into the Vastness
Eleon - Sandbox In The Rain
Doug Blair - In That Moment
Brian Fechino Ft Eric Hall - Aponi
Nicholas Gunn Ft Alina Renae - Fallen
Eleon - Winston's Journey
Majestica - Flaming Star
Doug Blair - The Open Door
Eleon Ft Jeff Pearce - Floating Just Above You
Nicholas Gunn - Chasing The Light
Majestica - Alpha Orionis
Eleon - The Crystal Portal
Nicholas Gunn Ft Alina Renae - And I
Doug Blair - Odyssey
Nicholas Gunn - Adrift
Eleon - I Touch The Sky

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