Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Daybehavior's New Album "Based On A True Story" Reviewed

Daybehavior are back with a brand new album called "Based On A True Story", the follow up to "Follow That Car!", released in 2012. Carl Hammer, Paulinda Crescentini and Tommy Arell have been together as Daybehavior since 1993 and have a refreshing sound, filmic and cinematic without losing their synthpop roots.

We had an indication of the sound of the new album with the release of the stunning "Change" in 2015, one of the most outstanding synthpop songs produced on the independent electronic music scene. It is an album they have taken great care with, to ensure they would be putting out an album of the highest quality.

The album opens with "Burning Slowly" and what an epic start to the album, superb electronic overtones and dreamy vocals from Paulinda, what a breathtaking voice she has, sounds perfect against the synthetic backdrop, which mixes electronic synth sounds and orchestral parts, something Daybehavior manage to mix effortlessly, the track has a superb chorus too, a very strong track on the album and wonderfully produced.

"Tears That Dry" is pure synthpop heaven, superbly crafted melodic parts and excellent sequenced sections, it is catchy and again Paulinda delivers a superb vocal, a word of praise for the music production too, top class, lots going on, with everything having its place. The twist in the last third of the song is outstanding. A potential single.

Next we have the recent single "There's Nothing Else", a track that showcases their filmic/cinematic sound qualities, storm and rain effects open the track, quite dark sounding and atmospheric in parts, great use of synth sounds and of course the vocal is exquisite. This is their trademark sound, it has everything, its dramatic, haunting and beautiful, it was the perfect choice to be chosen as a single to showcase the album, pure perfection.

Following that we have the upbeat "Driving In My Car", which has an excellent rhythm and bass section and the most delightful chorus, love the melodic synth that runs alongside the vocal, the layers to each of their songs is truly staggering, fabulous melodic synth parts continue throughout the song, this is pure european synthpop bliss, surely another candidate for a single. Reminded me of Marsheaux :)

"A Boy A Girl" has an excellent piano section as the backdrop to the vocal, orchestral strings/violins are very effective on this incredible track, the music is stunning, as the track develops the synths kick in and the orchestration returns to great effect, best described as a soundtrack ballad. Superb again, production stunning!

"Serges Kiss" is straight from the Daybehavior synthpop blueprint, it has a wonderful warm sound, great use of melody and a dreamy vocal, the track also has a great electro bass-line, love the way it builds into the chorus sections, which once again are top class.

"Solitude" again makes fantastic use of orchestral sounds to give their sound that dramatic tone, a brilliant ballad that is haunting in delivery with outstanding music, I hear a Pet Shop Boys influence in this track, a well constructed electronic ballad, they have certainly developed their sound.

Interestingly the start of the next track "It All Started With A Train" has a touch of Pet Shop Boys about it, the whispered vocals add a sinister vibe to the song, nice synth parts again, definitely a track that adds a little something different on the album, I could very easily see this fitting in nicely as part of a soundtrack to a film drama or thriller.

"A Perfect Day" showcases Paulinda's vocal, superbly delivered over a more minimal sound palette, that is erie and haunting, exactly what was required on this song, sometimes less is more. The synth section for the middle 8 is excellent. A dark ballad that delivers on every level, truly outstanding.

Next we have something of a surprise, the single "Change" in extended form and if you like those classic 1980s 12 inch single mixes, then you will love this, a track that was always going to benefit from being extended. As for the track itself, as I said at the start of this review, a brilliant synthpop track, what more can I say about it?

"The Whispering Garden" is another well executed ballad with some nice synth touches, again it is a track that gives space for the vocal to shine, that said the music is perfect, a dark and engaging backdrop that seems to build the tension in the track, excellent again.

The closing track is called "Washed Away" and is a fitting way to close the album, it is moving and develops really well, it is a ballad with sentiment and I must say, that yet again, they usual orchestral strings to such good effect.

This is a band at the top of their game, superb production throughout on this album and Paulinda is on fine form vocally, 12 wonderfully crafted songs, with depth and feeling, this album is as good as you can get, it is flawless and I hope it gets the recognition it deserves, it is clear how much hard work has gone into this album, Daybehavior are back and back in style. Well done Carl, Paulinda and Tommy on bringing us one of the best releases of the year


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