Thursday, 16 May 2019

The Album "Night City Remixes - The Songs Of Secret Service" Reviewed

A companion to the PBH Media release "Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service" is a remix album of tracks featured on the original album, called "Night City Remixes - The Songs Of Secret Service".

The opening track is the excellent Rational Youth cover of "Flash In The Night" remixed by Octolab and it packs a punch, throbbing bassline mixed with synthetic delights is brilliantly produced by Octolab, it is almost cinematic, a superb remix. Following that we have the 12 Inch mix of "Night City" by Italoconnection, this expands on the original version to give you an 80s style 12 inch mix, Italo Disco style! Another fine remix with excellent synth work and fine use of sequenced sounds.

Track 3 is an extended 12 Inch Mix of "The Way You Are" by Electric City Cowboys Ft Mia Moilanen, and like the previous track, we have a fabulous 80s style 12 inch mix, this is a superb track, the more I hear of this band, the more I am impressed, as you would expect from this mix, we have a cacophony of gorgeous synth sounds mixed with some truly wonderful vocals, perfect in every way. The LA Rush Radio Edit of "Where The Wind Blows", by Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K is incredible, a synthpop masterclass, and as with the original version, what a vocal! This is one for the dancefloor, and the remixer deserves credit, for elevating this song to an even higher level than the original mix.

Next Stormby has created his own remix of "I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (I'm So In Love With You)", called Stormby's Big Love Edit Mix, this has a summer vibe and a mixture of influences, Disco, Synthpop & Italo Disco, it is one of those songs you instantly like, great chorus too. We are treated to another 80s style extended version with the Cliff Wedge Ft James Knights' track "10 O'Clock Postman", I love this track, Superb melody hooks, powerful sound and a chorus to die for, superb vocals, one of the finest synthpop tracks I have heard this year and this extended version works really well, It is such a treat to hear remixers going back to 80s style 12 inch mixes, let's hope for more!

Deadbeat feature with the original version of "Bilder Av Dig", sung in Swedish, I'd love to hear an English version of this song, this has some beautiful melody parts and strong bass-line, has a darker sound but those melodies puncture through the dark backdrop, I really like this.....please do an English version.

We have a second remix of the Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K track "Where The Wind Blows", the Stormby 12 Inch Mix, firstly I have to say I am impressed with the remix work of Stormby, and he has provided us with another remix gem here, Eliza K is an outstanding vocalist and she shines on this mix, the music is very "PWL" and offers infectious hooks and powerful synth sounds, Stockholm Nightlife and Eliza K are a fantastic combination and Eliza K is a true talent, fantastic mix!

Stormby's remix duties continue, with a stomping re-working of the Evan track "Oh Susie", this is his Club Mix and he opts for a full on dance mix, pumping beats, soaring synths and an impressive vocal all combine to make a stunning remix, well done sir!

Stormby is clearly a focul point on this remix album and he features again with his Big Love Club Mix of "I'm So, I'm So, I'm So (I'm So In Love With You)", he is also the producer of the track. As you would expect this is one for the club dancefloors, It's quite different from his other version on the album, I love how the mix develops, from an almost electronic ambient start, before the thumping beats kick in, then it drops back into ambient territory, very effective. It really comes to life after the 2 minute mark, with the dance beats and the synths kicking ass. A great middle 8 too on this mix, Definately a highlight on this album, it is great how the mood of the track changes.

The album closes with a third remix of the Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K track "Where The Wind Blows", LA Rush provide a second remix, this time the Club Mix. Strong beats and synths that grab your attention, fused with the vocal delights of Eliza K, is a real delight. This remix definitely showcases Eliza's vocals, not much more I can say about this mix, it is pop perfection.

What I like about this album is that remixers have respected the original versions found on the album "Night City Tribute - The songs of Secret Service" and made a collection of remixes that are truly outstanding, as a remix album this is perfection, well done to all concerned.


As a final observation, PBH Media have released four albums, the two albums reviewed and mentioned in this article, the "Ballerina - The Tribute to Shanghai" album and of course the debut album "Superstar" by Electric City Cowboys and each album is of the highest standard and for a small independent label, this is to be applauded, and gives the label a firm platform to build from and bodes well for the future.

"Night City Remixes - The songs of Secret Service", is available as a Digital Download from Bandcamp for just 8 Euros, which is an absolute bargain:

The original album "Night City Tribute - The Songs of Secret Service" can also be found on Bandcamp, on both CD and as a Digital Download:

The album "Ballerina - The Tribute to Shanghai" is available from Bandcamp on CD or as a Digital Download:

The debut album by Electric City Cowboys, "Superstar" is available from Bandcamp on both CD and as a Digital Download:

We would like to thank Niclas from PBH Media.

Don't forget you can also listen to every track from these albums on Bandcamp via the links quoted above, something a highly recommend you do.

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