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Vanguard - A Different Story (Blog Feature)

Welcome to “A Different Story”, a special feature about Swedish electronic band Vanguard.

Vanguard are an electronic duo based in Gotenburg, Sweden. Jonas Olofsson and Patrik Hansson formed Vanguard in 2008.

Their brand of electronic music is both powerful and melodic.

They self released their self titled debut 5 track EP in 2011, that featured the tracks “In Your Arms”, “Goodbye”, “A Certain End”, “Now That We’re Here” and “Save Me From Myself”, all of which would feature on their debut album.

The band released their debut album “Sanctuary” in May 2012 and unveiled the release at a special launch gig in Gothenburg on the 11th May 2012.

The album featured 5 tracks showcased on their first self released EP, as well as, tracks such as, “Obscene”, “Trigger”, “Rage”, “Shame” and the haunting “Better Man”.

Another track from the album, “Goodbye”, was released as a single, in December 2012, the 5 track single featured “Crown Of Pain”, “So Hard”, 2 remixes of “Goodbye” as well as the album version of the track, like their debut album, the single was released on the independent Music label, Conzoom records.

In May 2013 the band self released another single from the album “Sanctuary” called “Shine”. The single featured 6 tracks, including, “My World”, the almost acoustic remix, the Fearless remix of “A Certain End”, 3 remixes of “Shine”, including remixes by Code 64 and Pakt, as well as, the album version of “Shine”.

At the end of November 2013, the band showcased a track from their second album they were working on, called “On My Own”, released on Conzoom Records. The single featured the exclusive tracks “Broken” and “I’m Not The One”, as well as, 4 remixes of “On My Own” and of course, the album version of the song. 

A further single taken from their second album, was released in late January 2014, the track “Let Us Fall” was part of a 5 track EP that also featured 3 remixes of “Let Us Fall”, a Club Version, a Glitty Filth Remix and the Ternstrom Remix, in addition the EP included the track “Through The Noise” and the album version of the lead track, a big favourite of their fan base.

Vanguard released their second album, “Retribution” on February 28th 2014. The album featured eleven tracks, including the singles, “On My Own” and “Let Us Fall”, as well as other key tracks like, “A Brighter Day”, “Bleed For Me”, “Loved Once More”, “Not Even You” and “Firefly”.

The band released a special 3 track “Retribution Club” EP, that featured club versions of the tracks “On My Own”, “Dirt” and “Let Us Fall”, which was released in April 2014.

In November 2014 the band decided to release a further track from the album, as a single, called, “A Brighter Day”. The single featured 6 tracks, 2 remixes of the lead track, by KC Killjoy and Nordika, as well as, a Cynical Existance Remix of “Loved Once More”, also included were the tracks “Don’t Let Go”, “A Better Place” and a single edit of “A Brighter Day”. Both this Single and “Retribution Club” were self released by the band.

Work soon started on the bands next album, which was to be called “Never Surrender”, their first, on the Infacted Recordings Music Label. Their first release for the label was the single “I Want To Live”, which was released in November 2015. The single featured 7 tracks, 4 remixes of “I Want To Live” as well as the exclusive tracks “Alive Inside” and “Rising Phoenix”. The EP also featured the album version of “I Want To Live”.

Six months later Vanguard released their third album “Never Surrender”, which featured 12 tracks, including the single “I Want To Live” and the next single released from it, titled “A Different Story”, as well as tracks such as, “You Stray”, “They Are Watching”, “Never Let Go”, “Afraid” and “Move On”.

The band released the track “A Different Story” as a single in late January 2017, this digital release featured ten tracks in all. Four remixes of “A Different Story”, including remixes by Eyesfabrique and Solitary Experiments, in addition there were 3 remixes of the track “Move On”, a Thomas Winter remix, a Bunker Dresden mix and a Rob Dust Remix. The single also featured the exclusive tracks “My Body” and “Not Defeated”, as well as the original version of the lead track.

Vanguard have steadily built up their fan base over the years and enjoy playing live dates, and it’s fair to say their music packs a punch when played live. The band have just put the finishing touches to their fourth album, called “Manifest”, which is released on the 8th March. A new single called “save Me” has just been released by the band.

Patrik from the band, also has a solo side project called Uncreated, so far, he has released two singles, “Evolve” and “You Know Nothing”, with a third single called “Not Your Soldier”, just released  and an album called “Eternity” due for release this month.

If you want to find out more about the band, and their music, do visit their official Faceboook page, the address for that is

The new Vanguard single "Save Me" is available via Bandcamp 

The new Uncreated single "Not Your Soldier is available via Bandcamp 

Listen to White Lion Radio's extensive Audio Documentary about Vanguard on Mixcloud or on

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