Friday, 1 March 2019

Have You Heard The News - A Tribute To Mark Hollis

White Lion Radio have released a special show, "Have You Heard The News? - A Tribute To Mark Hollis".

On Monday the 25th February it was announced that former Talk Talk singer Mark Hollis had passed away.

The first 2 Talk Talk albums, “The Party’s Over” and “It’s My Life” are both very high in my all time list of favourite albums, indeed they are albums I have played on a regular basis, since they were released, they are that good, timeless masterpieces and any fan of 80s Synthpop music should have them in their collection.

As a tribute we’re going to play a selection of my favourite tracks off “The Party’s Over” and “It’s My Life”.

You can listen to the show on Mixcloud:

Or on

Tracks Featured On The Show

Talk Talk
It's So Serious
It's You
Dum Dum Girl
Mirror Man
It's My Life
Have You Heard The News?
Such A Shame
Another Word
The Last Time
It's My Life (Tropical Rainforest Mix)

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