Friday, 26 May 2017

Metroland Reconfigured

White Lion Radio are delighted to bring you a special show to celebrate the release today of the Metroland "12 X 12" Box set.

"Metroland Reconfigured" features twelve of our favourite Metroland Remixes by other artists and covers their 5 year career so far.....

A show to complement the new Box Set!

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We would like to thank both Passenger A & Passenger S for their help in not just this show but also the other special Metroland themed shows we have put out recently, behind the scenes they have been extremely helpful and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Find out more about Metroland and their new Box Set on their Official Homepage

Here is the Full Playlist for the show:

Theme For Metroland - Laurent Boudic Under Novo Remix
Inner City Transport - 1 To Many Remix
M-E-T-R-O - Keen K Remix
T.F.L - Cosmic Impressions
Led Me Think - Kretz Remix
Thalys - Version Jonteknik
Zeppelin - Diskodiktator Remix
Struktur - Paul Alty Remix
Ikone Der Moderne - Deutsche Bank Remix
Art + Technology - Sound Of Science Remix
The Manifesto - Franck Kartell Remix
Design - Remix Polynomiq

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