Monday, 29 June 2020

i-Select #58

White Lion Radio have released edition #58 of i-Select.

This is a series of shows dedicated to electronic/synthpop bands that are unsigned, signed to a small independent label or self release their material. White Lion Radio prides itself on bringing you music which you don't always get access to and to showcase bands and artists that are really very talented and deserve to be heard.

These shows will feature bands from across the globe!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

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Full Playlist

Rename - Still The Same Revolution But Only Without Me (Instrumental)
Blondeking - Love Is A Shield
Knight$ - Julia
Electric City Cowboys - Electric (Vogon Poetry Remix)
Nature Of Wires Ft Lady B - Cut Me Open
Synthax Xtructure - The Last Date (LorD And Master Remix)
Vague Notion - Vincent
Avantgarde - Airs And Graces
Caboan - Victorious
Iterations - Olympiad
Train To Spain - Believe In Love
Exciting Valence - Somewhere In My Mind
Dotsun Moon - Pray
Projekt Ich Ft Stereo In Solo - Sexy Silly Girl (People Theatre's Ostinato Mix)
Psy'Aviah Ft Kyoko Baertsoen - Train Of Thought
Cyber Monday Ft SLS - Alice
Knight$ - Gelato (Extended Play)
Positronic - When You Fall Down
Kaos - Pursuit Of Life
Dead Pop Stars - Hey Hey my My
The Rude Awakening - Squeal! (Patrik Kambo Remix)
Rename - Play In The Rain
I Synthesist - Paradise
Simon Irvine - Sometimes (Simon's Moorooka Mix)
Fused - Never Let Me Go (Beat Box Mix)
Amey St Cyr - No Pain No Gain
Francesca e Luigi - Come On I Want You (Electrosoft 7 Inch Edit)
Blondeking - This Is How It Feels
Crimson Medici - Alone
Italoconnection - Voyage (Pop Moderno Remix)
Vogon Poetry - Passion (Electric City Cowboys Remix)
Initial Talk Ft Sasha Brown - Skydiving
Exposed Brick - Island
Rename - Reciprocal
Sharon Next - The Former Returns
808 Dot Pop - Incandescent (Iridium)
Exciting Valence - Tea For Two
Iterations - Space Crystals
I Synthesist - Lost Parade
Knight$ - Playin' It Cool
Screamershock - Rocket Rainbow Science (Punk Shocked Remix)
Avantgarde - The World We Live In
Analogue Electronic Whatever - Row
Kaos - Spellbound
Eurotix - Midnight Man
Dissonance & Cat Hall - Precipice-Kirchner Mix
Traumship - Crying Boy

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