Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music #5

Following the fantastic response to our first few editions of "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music", we are delighted to bring you a fifth edition, which features a staggering 44 tracks by 44 different artists/bands based in Sweden, that are unsigned or signed to small independent labels.

As with our previous show the music featured is electronic based, so we have synthpop, electro pop and italodisco.

Sweden has been at the forefront of the independent electronic music scene for some time now and this show highlights just how many excellent bands in that genre are based in that country.

Sit back and enjoy a wealth of the finest electronic music from Sweden!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Or listen on Hearthis.at here

Here is the gigantic playlist for the show!

Machinista - Seconds Minutes Hours
Daybehavior - Driving In My Car
Vanguard - Goodbye
Datapop - Machinepop Music
Moonlight Cove - Moment Of Light
Cinemascape - Sinister
State Of The Nation - Heimat
Erotic Elk Ft Karin My - Watching You
Ashbury Heights - I Can Kill You So Easily
Mechatronic - Niagara
Daily Planet - World In Grey
Sector One - The Operation (Dark Vektor Remix)
Kaos - From Dusk Till Dawn
Red Sleeping Beauty - Emma's House
Francesca e Luigi - Watch Me Dance Tonight (7'' Remix Edit)
Avantgarde - Lonely Girl
Mr Jones Machine - Vision In Motion
Sister Electra - Rosalina
Maschine Brennt - I Want To Be Human (Original Mix)
Etage Neun - Heart
Italove - We Don't Care (Mirko Hirsch Remix)
Obsession Of Time - Heartbeat
Kite - Cannonballs
Eurotix - I Plead Insanity
Petition For Mercy - Laura
Leaderboard Ft Intellivision - All Systems Go! (Obsession Of Time Remix)
Deutsche Bank - Neurotransmitter
Sonic Reunion - Supernova
Vogon Poetry - Changes (Erotic Elk Remix)
Unroyal - The Great Undoing
Covenant - Invisible & Silent
Conny Olivetti - Cafe's And Bars
Elegant Machinery - Words Of Wisdom
Disco Digitale - Luna Cafe
Unisonlab - Television
Endless Shame - Hear Me Now
Vision Talk - Start Again (2013 Remake)
Octolab - Tumbledown (Disco Digitale Remix)
Dead Man Recovering - Under The Sun
Uncreated - Only Human
Johan Baeckstrom - Cry Softly (Time Is Mourning)
Electric City Cowboys - In The Summertime
Sine City - The Last Train (Obsession Of Time Remix)
1984 - 1984 (UK Version) (Italoconnection 2K20 Remix Edit)

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