Friday, 27 March 2020

The A.D. Music Chillout Mix

Edition X of the A.D. Music Chillout Mix is now available. 
This show is a mix of chillout music by artists on the independant music record label A.D. Music, as well as a few bonus tracks from other artists. A chance to sit back, reflect and to take your mind off the troubling times we are currently experiencing.

On this edition we include music by David Wright, Andy Pickford, Steve Orchard, Richard Anthony Bean, Robert Fox and more!

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Full Playlist

Richard Anthony Bean - Elements
Andy Pickford - Bridge Of Dreams
David Wright - Rysheara
Steve Orchard - You
S.A.T - Dream Of The Sea (Chillout Mix)
Noise Boyz - With My Own Eyes (Keys Of Da Sea mix)
Lowland - Children (Original Version)
Psy'Aviah Ft Saydi Driggers - Walking On The Moon
Andy Pickford - Into The Blue (New Version 2020)
Steve Orchard - Time Passes
Airstream - Urania (Full Relaxation Mix)
Robert Fox - Waiting For The Horizon
Chilling Crew - Frozen Time (Mystic Moments Mix)
David Wright - Returning Tides
Seven24 - One Moment (Chris Wonderful Vocal Mix)
Steve Orchard - Astral Travellers

You can find out more about the artists featured on this show by visiting the official A.D. Music website:

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