Thursday, 24 October 2019

Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music (Edition #4)

Following the fantastic response to our first few editions of "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music", we are delighted to bring you a fourth edition, which features a staggering 40 tracks by 40 different artists/bands based in Sweden, that are unsigned or signed to small independent labels.

As with our previous show the music featured is electronic based, so we have synthpop, electro pop and italodisco.

Sweden has been at the forefront of the independent electronic music scene for some time now and this show highlights just how many excellent bands in that genre are based in that country.

Sit back and enjoy a wealth of the finest electronic music from Sweden!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Or listen on here

Here is the gigantic playlist for the show!

Daily Planet - Trust
Octolab - Hidden Camera
Dead Man Recovering - Time
Italove - I Trust You (Like I Trust Myself)
Sine City - Left Behind
Unisonlab - Automatic Pop Composer (Unisonlab's DS-10 Mix)
Daybehavior - Theres Nothing Else
Machinista - Angel
Vanguard - On My Own
Ashbury Heights - Derrick Is A Srange Machine
Datapop - Radioklang
Moonlight Cove - Last Of The Heartbroken
Sister Electra Ft Louise Marchione - In Dreams
Endless Shame - Saviour
Obsession Of Time - Higher Hope
Deutsche Bank - Cities
Etage Neun - Better Man
Petition For Mercy - True Love
Eurotix - After Before Before After
International - No1 In Sweden
1984 - 1984 (In Stylish Hair We Were Sharp Dressed Men) (Club 80s UK Radio Edit)
Mr Jones Machine - A Place In The Sun
2nd Happiest - Little Stars
Unroyal - A Goodbye For The Ages
Maschine Brennt - Trick (The 83 Mix) (Akamagoo Remix)
Cinemascape - Scene Of The Crime
Johan Baeckstrom - Starlights
Kite - I Give You The Morning
Tactile Frequency - What Each Heart Hides
Electric City Cowboys - Superstar
Red Sleeping Beauty - Someone Somewhere
Kaos - Downfall
Polaroid Kiss - Pay Your Dues (Assemblage 23 Remix)
Sector One - The Communications Satellite
Train To Spain - Just Like Heaven
Avantgarde - Deceived
Vogon Poetry - Mourn (Apop We Love You Edit)
Leaderboard - Dancing In Madness
Sonic Reunion - Ahead Of Us
Vision Talk - Promises

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