Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Metroland: In Focus (Audio Documentary)

Metroland: In Focus (Audio Documentary)

This documentary tells the full story of Metroland's latest concept release "Men In A Frame"

Belgian concept electronic band Metroland always come up with unique concepts for their albums, underground rail systems was the subject for their debut album "Mind The Gap", whilst the Bauhaus movement was the concept for their second studio album "Triadic Ballet".

The follow up to "Triadic Ballet" album, was, "Things Will Never Sound The Same Again", this didn't follow a concept as it was a special release dedicated to their sound engineer Louis Zachert, who passed away suddenly.

So, what did they come up with this time, for their 4th studio, the answer, photography, they had to create songs influenced purely by photographs submitted by photographic collective F8, also based in Belguim.

This show tells the full story about this concept release and covers the main album "Men In A Frame" and associated singles, plus the remix albums "Framed" and "Framed Anew", as well as discussing the unique Metroland USB Key releases.

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Pictures To Listen To
Man In A Frame
Enjoying The View
Shades Of Pale (Reframed By Metroland)
Next Choice
Man In A Frame (Sintetico Remix)
Creative Rose (Passenger S Perennial Edit)
Een Dag In Metroland (Short Conduct Mix)
Speed Of Life (Elektroklange 123 Remix)

Everything covered in this audio documentary is available via the bands official website:

and the albums are available via the bands record label website:

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