Saturday, 9 June 2018

New Monovibes EP "Floors" Reviewed

Monovibes who are based in Sweden and have been featured our shows in the past, have a new EP out called "Floors".

The EP features 5 tracks, the opening track "Underground" is fabulous, a solid clean sounding electro track, energetic and after a few plays gets into your head. "Crash And Burn", not to be confused with the John Foxx track of the same name, however, it does have a John Foxx feel to it, again upbeat with a lot of interesting synth and percussion sounds. One thing that is clear 2 tracks in, is that the EP is superbly mixed and produced.

"As Long As You Are Out There" is a track I really like, it is more mellow and minimal, punctuated by bursts of full on drums and synths. The structure of the track works very well.

"Through Your Eyes" has hints of a Depeche Mode influence about it, excellent vocal delivery and a sea of excellent synth sounds, reminded me of Depeche Mode's "Black Celebration" era, this track wouldn't be out of place on that album, best track on the EP, superb!

"Back In Control" is the final track on the EP and again sounds like Depeche Mode in their pomp, Monovibes have a very distinct sound, which really appeals to me and this track highlights that fact. It has one of the best chorus sections on the EP, another superb offering.

Such a positive vibe can be felt through this entire EP, which takes you on a very enjoyable journey.


Listen to the EP on Soundcloud here:

Find out more about the band here:

The EP is available from i-Tunes here:

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