Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Promo Video For Metroland's "Pictures To Listen To"

Gary Hunter has made a promo video for the Metroland track "Pictures To Listen To", whilst this isn't an official release it has been approved by the band.

The concept for the video is inspired by Metroland's special "Exposition" they held in Belguim. Their new album "Men In A Frame", uses the concept of photography, the band were presented with 10 photographs by 5 Belgian professional photographers, known as "F-8" and they had to create a song for each photograph. They invited guests to bring their mobile phones and install a special APP, this was then used to scan a special QR code underneath each picture that would then play the track associated with the image you were looking at. So in the promo film you will see a customizable phone that has been created that takes photo's (Complete with flash!), also you will see QR codes being scanned by a phone and plenty of other very interesting things going on.

Gary is especially proud of the idea he came up with for the final screen......we will say no more about that, you will have to watch the video.

The new Metroland album "Man In A frame" is available on CD here: http://alfa-matrix-store.com/Metrolan...

The Digital Download version is available here: https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album... The

"Pictures To Listen To" CD is available here: http://alfa-matrix-store.com/Metrolan...

White Lion Radio would like to thank Metroland for allowing this video to be made available on YouTube.

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