Thursday, 3 May 2018

Kinetic Theory - Music Inspired By Kraftwerk

White Lion Radio have released another show in our series that features bands that are, inspired and influenced.

"Kinetic Theory - Music Inspired By Kraftwerk" features music by true Kraftwerk fans. The show features music by, Sector One, Maschine Brennt, Metroland, Unisonlab, Jonteknik, Elektroklange, Datapop, Deutsche Bank, Kevin Lux, Kretz and Neon.

If you are a fan of Kraftwerk this show is not to be missed!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here 

Or listen to the show on here 

Playlist for the show

Sector One - Telecommunication
Maschine Brennt - I Want To Be Human
Metroland - Creative Rose (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Unisonlab - Interaktion
Jonteknik - 27KM In One Ten-Thousandth Of A Second
Elektroklange - Mechanical Dance (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit Remix)
Datapop - Waveforms
Kevin Lux - Aurora
Deutsche Bank - Neurotransmitter (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Kretz - Mechanical Men (Datapop Remix)
Neon - Le TGV Eurostar (Gary Hunter's Maschine Brennt 7 Inch Radio Edit)
Sector One - Samuel F.B. Morse
Maschine Brennt -  The Language Computer (Dark Vektor FUCK 155 Remix)
Metroland - Pictures To Listen To
Unisonlab -  Stereolab
Jonteknik - Higgs Boson
Datapop - Komputer Music
Kevin Lux - Portal
Kretz - Generated Alterated Patterns (Gary Hunter's 7 Inch Remix)
Sector One - I Hear Voices (Album Version)
Maschine Brennt - Elektronisk Musik
Metroland - F-8
Unisonlab - Automatic Pop Composer (Unisonlab's DS-10 Mix)

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