Thursday, 26 April 2018

The A.D. Music Chillout Mix

We continue our mini series "The A.D. Music Chillout Mix", with the release of Edition VIII

This show is a mix of chillout music by artists on the independant music record label A.D. Music, as well as a few bonus tracks from other artists.

Listen to the show on Mixcloud:

The show is also available on

The Playlist:

Ballademaker - A Message From The waves
Andy Pickford - Celendine
Frank Borell - The Morning After (Pure Well Mix)
Sylvain Carel - Stairway To Red Skies
Lord Of The Ants - Troia Nova
Wim - Remembering
Sylvain Carel - Colours Of Light
Frank Borell - Sweet Sunday Minds (Secret Bells Mix)
Andy Pickford - Sapphire
Ballademaker - Clouds Of Air
You can find out more about the artists featured on this show by visiting the official A.D. Music website:

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