Thursday, 19 April 2018

New Vogon Poetry Album Reviewed

Vogon Poetry, who are an electronic band, based in Sweden, release their brand new album "Life, The Universe And Everything" on April 20th, an album inspired by early 1960s Sci-Fi movies and space exploration.

The opening track "The Upside Down", is very atmospheric, with deep synth pads and erie melody, to me it sounded like they were inviting you to go on a space voyage, a warm and inviting track. heartfelt and emotional vocals are also a feature of this opening track.

Next we have the first single taken from the album "Dangers Of Space", an excellent upbeat song, catchy chorus, great use of voice samples that give the track that Sci-Fi mood.

You really do have to see the video the band made for the track, it is brilliant and was clearly a blast to make!

The video really does encapsulate the song perfectly, so view the video here:

Following that we have the new single "Children Of Mine", one of my all time favourite Vogon Poetry tracks, superb vocals against a backdrop of synth and piano stabs, the vocals really do take centre stage here. The track builds nicely, quite minimal for most of the first half, then we get the rhythm and some excellent atmospheric synth pads.

"In Space No One Can Hear You Scream", again has quite deep harmonics and pulsing bass sounds, I like the effects on the vocals in chorus, lots of reverb to give the vocals a more distant and detached feel.  Some nice sound effect touches as well.

"Heart Of Gold" is pure synthpop, four to the floor rhythm, catchy melodic sequencers and a great lead synth melody. One for the dancefloor. It is quite a minimal approach to this song and I think it works really well. One of my favourite tracks on the album.

"Spacewalk" makes use of sound effects in a big way at the start of this track, doors clanging, Hydraulics, the works! Quite harsh and industrial sounding in parts, the song is full of synth beeps, noises and more excellent vocal samples. In parts it did sound a bit cluttered but that may well have been the intention.

"Serenity" is a more refined melodic song, in parts the sequencers reminded me of Kraftwerk, well constructed and melodic, the same goes for the bass-line, which in itself is quite catchy, an instrumental track with the addition of scientific sounding vocal samples, which blend really with the music backdrop, again a track I really like.

"Tomorrow" starts with samples of newsclips of major news stories including 9/11, a mid-paced track with the strongest vocals on the album, this is a beautiful song, the synth work is outstanding, lots of melodic moments, excellent sequencer parts, all set against quite a minimal rhythm section. Without doubt the best track on the album and indeed one of the best Vogon Poetry tracks released to date.

I am delighted that Glenn Main has also provided a bonus remix of the track "Tomorrow", for the album, I'm a massive fan of Glenn's work and his remix is outstanding, takes the track to an even higher level.

This album was clearly a joy to make and shows a different side to Vogon Poetry's music, lots to admire here and it definitely takes you on a voyage to more far out places, very enjoyable to listen to. 8/10

The album is available on CD and Digital Download via Bandcamp, where they also have some special bundles available.

Visit the bands Official Homepage here:

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