Tuesday, 8 December 2015

White Lion Radio's Top 10 Electronic & Synthpop Albums Of 2015

White Lion Radio is delighted to present their Top Ten Electronic/Synthpop albums of 2015. The electronic music scene shows no sign of slowing down and this show demonstrates that perfectly. It has been a year of some fantastic album releases in the Electronic genre with Sweden once again proving to be the country that leads the way. There are no less than 4 albums by bands from Sweden in our Top Ten!

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Here is the full Playlist for the show:

Number 10 - Dancing With Ruby - In The Interest Of Beasts
 (Becoming Undone, Storm, Hold Everything Dear)
Number 9 - Vogon Poetry - The Prefect Stories
 (Moments, Hyperspace Bypass, Never Too Late (Glenn Main Remix)
Number 8 - Lola Dutronic - Lost In Translation
 (Trying Not To Think About You, Go f*** Yourself, The End Of The World)
Number 7 - XParadox - Counting Farewells
 (Hero, Well Of Sorrow, Alive)
Number 6 - Minuit Machine - Violent Rains
 (June 7, Honey, Battles)
Number 5 - Machinista - Garmonbozia
 (Dark Heart Of Me, Surprised By Death, Picture Frame Eternity)
Number 4 - Metroland - Triadic Ballet
 (Zeppelin (Diskodikator Remix), The Manifesto (Franck Kartell Remix), Utopia)
Number 3 - Johan Baeckstrom - Like Before
 (Come With Me, Tonight, One Last Time)
Number 2 - Marsheaux - A Broken Frame
(My Secret Garden, See You, The Sun And The Rainfall)
Number 1 - Eurotix - Deux
(The Innocent Years, Tonight, Stun-Gun Set To Face Her)

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