Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Swedish Synthpop (Volume 2)

Without doubt one of the countries that is leading the way in electronic and synthpop music is Sweden. Over the last few years there has been a wealth of new and exciting electronic bands emerging from Sweden and this is our second show dedicated to the very best of those bands.

If you are a lover of catchy, melody driven songs, then this show is for you and it may just surprise you just how good the electronic music scene is in Sweden!

Enjoy 90 minutes of some of the finest electronic music in Europe.

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Ashbury Heights - Smaller
Machinista - Molecules & Carbon
Daybehavior - Superstar (Electropop Mix)
Colony 5 - Fusion (Amplifier Remix)
Presence Of Mind - Why I Wonder Why
Vogon Poetry - In Darkness Lost Again
Erotic Elk - Suffer In Silence
Camelot - Saved By Time
Auto Auto - Black Disco Ball
Mr Jones Machine - Winter Stays
Vision Talk - Wave My Last Goodbye
Daily Planet - Trust
Vanguard - On My Own
Avantgarde - Maureen
Moonlight Cove - Shadow Of Your Embrace
Endless Shame - Trial Of Fire
Elegant Machinery - Words Of Wisdom
Cinemascape - The Comforting Night
Denormal - Alone
Eurotix - Life As It Slips Away

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