Monday, 30 November 2020

Florian We Miss You.....Music Inspired By Kraftwerk

White Lion Radio are delighted to present another edition of Machine-Pop music, our biggest edition of the show.

The music presented here is influenced and inspired by German electronic music pioneers, Kraftwerk.

As with our previous show, a lot of artists that are featured are signed to the Swedish independent label, Plonk.

The show is dedicated to Florian Schneider (1947-2020)

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You can find out a wealth of information about all the artists on the Plonk label by visiting their official homepage.

Visit the Plonk Label website:

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KRAFTman - Kometenmelodie 2
Datapop - Kling Oder Klang
Metroland - Thalys (Version Jonteknik)
Conny Olivetti - Klick Klack
Niels Gordon - Woodlands (Alpha Mound Remix)
Marboss - Modelectro
Maschine Brennt - Trick (Original Version)
Kretz - Binare Schallinjektion
Unisonlab - Silent Control
Jonteknik-Yellowstone (Staggman's Supervolcano Radio Mix)
Kosmonaute - Morse Code
808 Dot Pop - The Tungsten Filament
Neon - Electromuzique
Kevin Lux - Enter
Die Robo Sapiens - Tanz Mit Dem Roboter (Mensch-Maschine-Metroland)
DJ Toren & Humachine - Cool Like Florian Schneider
Datapop - Weltraum
Conny Olivetti - We Live In A Fake World (Single Version)
Sector One - The Communications Satellite
Niels Gordon - Fruhlingszeit
Maschine Brennt - Man Or Machine (Sector One Remix)
Kretz - Human Extinction (Commuter Rmx)
Unisonlab - Approximate (Maschine Brennt Remix)
Carlos Sicrock - Roy
Technikai Atallas - Titan
808 Dot Pop - Kelvin (4500) (Cubic)
Kevin Lux - Numbers 2 4
Jonteknik - Alfred Wegener
Kosmonaute - Electromagnetic Fields
KRAFTman - Florian

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