Sunday, 13 September 2020

KRAFTman Covers Kraftwerk Classics

KRAFTman has released his second single, which is a 3 track single that features unique Kraftwerk cover versions.

The single is a follow-up to "Florian", which was well received by the independent electronic music community.

The single features KRAFTman's own 7 inch arrangements of "The Robots" and "Metropolis", as well as a special Re-Programmed 12 Inch Version of "The Robots", all mixes are exclusive to this release and is a taster for KRAFTman's complete recording of the Kraftwerk album "The Man Machine", which is due out soon.

Track listing:

1. The Robots (7 Inch Version) 3:39

2. Metropolis (7 Inch Version) 4:22

3. The Robots (Re-Programmed 12 Inch Version) 8:07

The 3 track single is available from Bandcamp here

Here is the official promo video for the single:

The 7 track single "Florian" is also available from Bandcamp here

It is well worth visiting the official homepage for KRAFTman as it has a wealth of information about his project, as well as extensive features on Kraftwerk, Metroland and 808 Dot Pop.

Official KRAFTman Homepage 

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