Wednesday, 12 February 2020

New Vogon Poetry EP "Changelings" Reviewed

Vogon Poetry return with a brand new EP called "Changeling", the follow up to the very impressive "Exposed Thoughts EP", a taster from their highly anticipated new album.

A digital release of the original version of "Changes", will be followed by the release of the 7 track EP, which has an impressive line-up of remixers, including Glenn Main, Side Order, Diskodiktator, Ich, Erotic Elk and Kei Kohara.

This is a review of the EP.

It opens with the original version of "Changes" and it is superb, I love the blend of piano and synths which work in perfect harmony on this highly emotional track, an outstanding vocal too over the music backdrop, I get the sense that this band is really growing in confidence and there strong songwriting is evidence of that.

Glenn Main has done a wonderful remix, a more of a laid back feel which takes the track into a different direction, I have always enjoyed Glenn's work (check out his Jean Michel Jarre covers album) and he has delivered once again on this remix, a brilliant rhythm section really elevates this remix, top class again Glenn, and the sound production is amazing.

The Side Order remix is much darker but upbeat, quite atmospheric with the pad sounds used, I like what they have done with the song, they have given it a complete makeover, great drums again on this remix and is definitely geared for the dancefloor :)

I have come across the work of Diskodiktator before, they did a remix of Metroland's "Zeppelin" track and have also remixed Vogon Poetry in the past, so there style is a nod in the direction of Kraftwerk, on this remix the sound is more mellow and it works really well. I love the way it builds up.

Next we have the Ich Remix, lush pads and synth stabs, those pads :) then we have some brilliant sequenced parts that again take us into dance terrortory, the thing I like about this remix is the warm sound, a thing of beauty, a superb remix.

Next we have a remix by Erotic Elk, who have also remixed Vogon Poetry previously, the focus shifts back to the piano on this remix, great Vince Clarke inspired sequenced melody at the start and the Yazoo influence continues as the song develops, this again gives the vocal a chance to shine, I like the instrumentation in the chorus sections, quite unusual rhythm parts too, all in all a fabulous remix.

The final remix is by Kei Kohara and has a more dramatic feel, especially when the tom drums kick in, the synths have a harder edge on this version and it is a more upbeat mix.

With all the different styles of remix on offer here, it demonstrates how good the song "Changes" is and certainly leaves you wanting more, the album can't come soon enough :) I have followed this band for a number of years and they are getting better and better all the time.

Excellent work by all concerned 9/10

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