Monday, 30 September 2019

White Lion Radio Present - True (The Story Of Eric C. Powell)

"True - The Story Of Eric C. Powell", is an audio documentary about American Electronic Music artist Erc C. Powell.

Eric, is an electronic music artist, based in Texas, in the states, his love for electronic music goes back to his youth, and he started writing his own songs, at the age of 16, after he got his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 106.

Eric was encouraged to form his own band, during his university years, and formed the band Turning Keys, Eric was the vocalist and songwriter. Since then he has released 2 solo albums "Back To Life" in 2016 and has just released a brand new solo album called "True".

This documentary looks at his music career to date.

Listen to the Documentary on Mixcloud:

Listen to the Documentary on


Calling Your Name
I Ran
In You
Sweet Perfume
Noise Zombie
Click (Ruby Red Fused Remix)
Need A Place
Waiting For The Time
But Not Tonight
A Little Respect

Eric C. Powell Bandcamp Page:

Eric C. Powell Official Homepage:

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