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True - The Story Of Eric C. Powell

Welcome, to “True – The Story Of Eric C Powell”

Eric C Powell, is an electronic music artist, based in Texas, in the states, his love for electronic music goes back to his youth, and he started writing his own songs, at the age of 16, after he got his first synthesizer, a Roland Juno 106.

Eric was encouraged to form his own band, during his university years, and formed the band Turning Keys, Eric was the vocalist and songwriter. The band also included female vocalist Andrea Matthews, who would eventually get married to Eric. The band went on to release 2 EP’s “Opening Doors” in 1990, and “Stay” in 1993, in addition they released 2 albums, their debut album “Waiting”, was released on Cassette in 1992, and they followed that up, with the album “Age Of Wonder”, in 1995.

Turning Keys also performed live, and supported the likes of Missing Persons, Depeche Mode and A Flock Of Seagulls who were massive stateside, in the 80s.

Eric moved on from Turning Keys, and continued as a Music Director, working with various artists and musicians. After moving to Texas, he was keen to make electronic music once again, and re-built his home studio, and set about recording material for a solo album, and In November 2016, he released the album “Back To Life”, which included tracks, such as, “Understand”, “Gone”, and a cover of the Depeche Mode track “The Sun And The Rainfall”.


Earlier in the same year, Eric released a remastered collection of material by his former band, Turning Keys, this would feature tracks from the album “Waiting”, as well as, tracks from their “Opening Doors EP”.

In December 2017, Eric released a new single called “Noise Zombie”, the track was entered into, the  KV331, Audio Synthmaster Track Contest, and managed to achieve 3rd place, with the track, quite an achievement.

In May 2018 Eric collaborated, with Darwin MCD on a new track, called “Click”, a stunning piece of synthpop music, a 4 track EP was released , as well as, an 8 track remix EP, with remixes by Andrik Arkane, Nature Of Wires and 4 remixes by UK musician Fused.

Without doubt, one of the best synthpop tracks released in 2018. The track even got played on BBC Music Introducing, such was its popularity.

DarwinMCD & Eric Powell, were also runners up, for Best Electro Act, in Online Radio Awards, fully deserved too.

The following month, Eric released the single “True”, a further taster for his new album.

Before the year was out, Eric teamed up with Andrea, on a Christmas single called “O Come Emmanuel”, which was given a stunning electronic makeover.

In January 2019 a further single was released, called “Need A Place”, which again featured Andrea Powell, on vocals.

“Need A Place”, is a track off Eric’s brand new album “True”, that has just been released, the album is influenced by the likes of OMD, Pet Shop Boys and Erasure, and as well as including “Need A Place”, it also included the singles “Noise Zombie”, “Click”, and “True”.

You can listen to White Lion Radio's Audio Documentary "True - The Story Of Eric C. Powell" on Mixcloud:

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