Thursday, 8 August 2019

The Echozone Music Label Showcase (Edition #2)

Welcome to "The Echozone Music Label Showcase (Edition #2)", a show dedicated to the music, released on the German Electronic Music Label, Echozone.

Echozone share our passion for independent electronic bands and artists and we are delighted to feature music from the labels releases.

Our thanks to Andrea at Echozone for the music featured in this show.

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

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You will find the tracks on the show and music by many more artists on the Echozone Bandcamp page:

Echozone On Facebook:

Playlist For The Show:

!Distain - Farewell To The Past
Plexiphones - Let It Roll ([Captain Of Your Soul Mix)
Red Sun Revival - Echoes
Arctic Sunrise - Emptiness
Loewenhertz - We Regret
Andrea Gross - Deferred
Minerve - You Don't Know Me
In Good Faith - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Elektrostaub Ft Henrik Iversen - Prediction
Avoid-A-Void - Tom Is An Alien From Outer Space
POS:2 - Only Electropop (The Wavepop Mix By Conscience)
Alexander Braun - Perfect Day
Analogue-X - Dark Shadow (L_iGH_T Remix)
Hidden Souls - The Guilt
Bysmarque & Snowwhyte - Living It Up (POS.2 Remix)
Arctic Sunrise - Running Up That Hill
Broken Ego - Get Away (Single Edit)
Loewenhertz - Right As Rain
Nature Of Wires - Try
Projekt Ich Ft !Distain - Thanks (Oren Amram & The Beautiful Angel Mix)
The Frozen Autumn - A Gentle Flame
!Distain - Letter To Myself
POS:2 - Enjoy Your Life

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