Monday, 8 July 2019

Swedish Electro Scene - The Remix Highlights

White Lion Radio have released, "Swedish Electro 6 - The Remix Highlights", a special show, on which we play our favourite remixes, off the recently released compilation "Swedish Electro (Volume 6 The Remixes)".

The compilation series has become a firm favourite for fans that enjoy the independent electronic music scene, not only that, the compilations are FREE to DOWNLOAD and are highly recommended.

Some familiar names are included, such as, Johan Baeckstrom, Uncreated, Machinista, Train To Spain, Obsession Of Time, Daily Planet and many more.

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

Listen to the show on

Here is the FULL PLAYLIST for the show:

Moist - Words (Kristoffer Elmqvist Sehnsucht Remix)
Johan Baeckström - Silence (Val Solo Makeover)
Tactile Frequency - Watch Them Drown (Summer Lake Remix)
Uncreated - Evolve (Extended)
Train To Spain - Monsters (Uncreated Remix)
Presence Of Mind - Dead End Street (Lazzo Remix)
Cinemascape - Nuclear Skies (Krojtz Remix)
IIOIOIOII - Sunset Show (We The North Remix)
Erotic Elk - Consequence Of Leaving (Oren Amram Synthesize Me Remix)
Daily Planet - Set Me Free (Delaykliniken Remix)
Mechatronic - Black Heart (W Trebor Remix)
Agent Side Grinder - This Is Us (Daniel Myer Remix)
Machinista - Every Day Pain (Future Trail Remix)
Kaos - What Have I Done (Saarde Remix)
Vogon Poetry - Exposed Thoughts (Electric City Cowboys Remix)

The compilation used to compile this show, features a staggereing 42 tracks and is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD via Bandcamp, where you will also find the other compilations, which are also FREE TO DOWNLOAD:

White Lion Radio Facebook Page:

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