Monday, 29 July 2019

Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music (Edition Three)

Following the fantastic response to our first tew editions of "Sweden - The European Capital Of Electronic Music", we are delighted to bring you a third edition, which features a staggering 40 tracks by 40 different artists/bands based in Sweden, that are unsigned or signed to small independent labels.

As with our previous show the music featured is electronic based, so we have synthpop, electro pop and italodisco.

Sweden has been at the forefront of the independent electronic music scene for some time now and this show highlights just how many excellent bands in that genre are based in that country.

Sit back and enjoy a wealth of the finest electronic music from Sweden!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud here

Or listen on here

Here is the gigantic playlist for the show!

Stockholm Nightlife Ft Eliza K & Helly - This Love (Unicorn Remix)
Johan Baeckstrom - One Last Time
Obsession Of Time - Obsession
Eurotix - Conquer The Universe
Erotic Elk - Dark Winter
Cinemascape - Alien Surface (Deep Space Remix)
Unroyal - Rest In Songs
Esselbon - Polaroid (Oblige RMX 2019)
Disco Digitale - Synthetic Man
Denormal - Hope
Sector One - Telecommunication
Daily Planet - Set Me free
Mr Jones Machine - Somewhere In Nowhere
Arachnophobias - Angel On A Wheel (Remix)
Avantgarde - Radioactive Feeling
Cold Connection - Bright
Machinista - Across The Universe
Sonic Reunion - Don't Understand
Kaos - Pursuit Of Life
Sine City - Absolutely Right
Daybehavior - Superstar (Electropop Mix)
Vogon Poetry - Never Too Late (Glenn Main Remix)
Ashbury Heights - Smaller
Moonlight Cove - Shadow Of Your Embrace
Covenant - Bullet
Train To Spain - Believe In Love
Jenkie - Losing Control
Mechatronic - Beyond The Silence
Vision Talk - By My Side
Emmon - Alone
Kite - A Little More Time
Niels Gordon - Ausma
Vanguard - A Better Place
Electric City Cowboys - Tell Me
State Of The Nation - Departed (Leslie Bayne Remix)
Endless Shame - Erase The Beautiful
Italove - Too Late To Cry
Evan - Oh Susie (Stormby Mix Edit)
Cliff Wedge Ft James Knights - 10 O'Clock Postman
Leaderboard - Tin Man

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