Friday, 7 April 2017

Discover Conzoom Records

White Lion Radio have released a special show called "Discover Conzoom Records".

Conzoom Records a record label based in Hamburg, Germany and have been established since 2008.

They are home for many independent synthpop bands, including the likes of Parralox, Future Perfect, Sinestar & Zoon Politicon, whilst other great bands such as Vanguard, Zynic, Carved Souls and many others have released material through them.

This show is a collection, that is a Synthpop fans dream and features bands/artists signed to the label both past and present!

Listen to the show on Mixcloud

Listen to the show on 

Full Playlist For The Show:

Vanguard - A Brighter Day
WANTed & !Distain - Talking Dead (DJ Oren Amram Remix)
Cinemascape - Frozen Ground (Split Mirrors Mix)
Neuropa - Fashion War
Zoon Politicon - Dreamer (Atlantis Mix By Zoon Politicon)
Ultranoire - Leaving Sensoria
Sinestar - Fortunes Faded (Rename's Summer Mix)
Daybehavior - Change
Carved Souls - Dependent
Zynic - Who's To Blame
Future Perfect - Fall
Vaylon - Empty Streets
Parralox - Change Of Heart
Technique - So Cold (Arp Mix)
Vision Talk - Unlike
Ostrich - Turn The Tide

Conzoom Records Homepage:

Conzoom Records Facebook page:

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