Friday, 30 December 2016

Synthetic Pleasures 2016 Released Today

White Lion Radio are proud to present Synthetic Pleasures 2016, our favourite Electronic & Synthpop tracks of 2016.

It isn't a chart, just merely a selection of 50 of our favourite songs, from over 200 played on our i-Select shows during the course of this year.

A big thank you to our listeners and to the many bands that have submitted music for our shows.

Enjoy the show!

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Niels Gordon - Pio
Bimbo Boy - Drama Queen (Champagne Synth Remix)
Beborn Beton - The Black Hit Of Space
Destination - Vinyl
Synthdecade - Lighten Up The Darkness
Electro Spectre - The River
Tenek - Imitation Of Life (Single Version)
Trench Run - Where Dreams Never Go (Original Mix)
Book Of Love - Something Good
Cinemascape - Alien Surface (Deep Space Remix)
Dancing With Ruby - Renegade Girl
Modovar - Stranger
Neon - Eurostar (Neon 2016 Remake)
Covenant - Dies Irae
Nature Of Wires & CountessM - Perfect Menagerie (Original Mix)
Kaos - Still
Marsheaux - Safe Tonight
Black Nail Cabaret - We Like To Suffer
Assemblage 23 - Bravery (Interface Remix)
Kretz - Generated Alterated Patterns
Zoon Politicon - Dreamer (Atlantis Mix)
Foretaste - I Know Where To Find You (Remix)
Johan Baeckstrom - Like Before
The Rorschach Garden - Transcendental
Freezepop - Doppelganger (Album Version)
Metroland - Synthetic Sound
Obsession Of Time - The Seeker
Lay Your Ghost - A Darker Love
Rusty Egan Ft Midge Ure - Glorious
Advance - Calm Before The Storm (Original Mix)
Eurotix - Come And Hold Me (New Mix)
Austerity Complex - Mystery Girl
Datapop - Unterwegs
Sine City - Left Behind
Fragile Tom - Bleak November Sun
Exciting Valence - Once Upon A Time
Sad January - Until The End Of The World
Machinista - Pain Of Every Day
Ari Mason - Dim The Lights (Burnt Out)
Rational Youth - This Side Of The Border
Avec Sans - Hold On
Train To Spain - Believe In Love (Disco Digital Remix)
IIOIOIOII - One Moment (Original Mix)
Nina - Beyond Memory
Carved Souls - In A Blink
Rodney Cromwell - Fax Message Breakup (Single Mix)
Vogon Poetry - Mourn (Apop We Love You Edit)
Sound Tessellated - House Of Cards
2nd Happiest - True Fake
Jonteknik - Oslo

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