Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Metroland's "Synthetic Sound EP" Reviewed

Metroland are back with a new single "Synthetic Sound", a track taken from their impressive album "Things Will Never Sound The Same Again".

"Synthetic Sound" is probably as close as you can get to that "Metroland Sound" fans will be familiar with and with it's wonderful sequenced melodies and pulsating rhythms it wouldn't be out of place on "Mind The Gap" or "Triadic Ballet". With this release Passenger S & Passenger A have kept all remixes "in house".

The EP is available in 2 downloadable 3 track packages. There are 2 7 Inch Versions as well as 2 12 Inch Mixes, all of which are outstanding, especially the "Even More Mix" which is very Kling Klang and would fit beautifully on Kraftwerk's "Computer World" album. The alternate 7 & 12 Inch mixes feature rhythm and sequencer melody changes as well as other crafted sounds. The alternate versions are brilliant. The other remix is the "1000 Hertz Acid Mix", which instantly reminded me of a Manchester band from the 90's 808 State, some really excellent Acid touches as you would expect from this mix, this is a really interesting remix of the track and again shows that Metroland are perfectly at home remixing their own tracks.

An outstanding collection of remixes of "Synthetic Sound" that tick all the boxes for me.......I will also let you into a little secret, they are currently looking at concepts for the next album already!


Metroland Synthetic Sound EP is available here

Metroland Synthetic Sound EP (Remixes) is available here

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