Monday, 22 February 2016

i-Select #10

Welcome to edition #10 of a new series on White Lion Radio called, i-Select.

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Track List

Metroland - Music Machine
Vogon Poetry - Hyperspace Bypass (Autodafeh Remix)
Obsession Of Time - The Seeker
Andrew Franey - Stars Sun Moon All Align
Chinese Detectives - Run For Love
Fragile Tom - Bleak November Sun
The Dark Villager - Because Of Us (Aron Future Mix)
Metroland - Good Moaning (Healing Mix)
Electro Spectre - The River
Vogon Poetry - Spit It Out (The Department M25 Remix)
Train To Spain - Believe In Love
Fragile Tom - Together In Here
Angels And Agony - Omen
Obsession Of Time - Obsession
Vile Electrodes - Deep Red
Metroland - Quo Vadis

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