Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Metroland EP Reviewed

"Re-Design" is the final single Metroland are releasing off their stunning album "Triadic Ballet".

"Re-Design" is an edited remix of the 3 part track "Design" off the album and works really well in edited format with new synths and sequencer parts added. Next is the gem "Vers La Cote D'Azur", a track that sets your mind off on a journey by car through the french coastline, play "Enjoying The View" off their first album followed by this track, it works brilliantly! The final track on the standard EP is the stunning Polynomiq 11 minute plus remix of "Design", a breathtaking remix with beautiful pads and driving sequencers, it almost has an ambient feel to it....brilliant!.

The Spacious EP edition opens with the Jauzas The Shining Remix of "Design" which boasts an "Acid" bass-line and some haunting voice pads, it's quite a sinister remix, which I could see forming part of a soundtrack off a horror film, this is quite different from the original and must say I really like it. Next is a second version of the track "Vers La Cote D'Azur", which is the Notstandskomitee's Nightdrive Remix, this has s lightly more upbeat feel to the other version in this set and is as equally brilliant as the one on the normal EP. The Spacious EP closes with Jean-Marc Lederman's remix of "Design" and is once again vastly different from the original, this features some great percussion sounds and effects and is more minimal than the other versions contained in this collection, a solid end not only to this EP collection but to the whole "Triadic Ballet" project.

10/10 flawless

Links to purchase the EP's to follow ......

Chapter 3 in the Metroland story is eagerly awaited.

Recently Louis Zachert (Passenger L) passed away suddenly. Louis was an integral part of the sound of Metroland and had worked with the duo for more than two decades on various projects and was responsible for the mastering of Metroland's material, I'm sure this final release off "Triadic Ballet", on which he was involved with, will serve as a fitting tribute to him.

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