Thursday, 27 August 2015

New Vogon Poetry Album Reviewed

Vogon Poetry are another excellent electronic band that hail from Sweden and they are about to release their new album "The Prefect Stories".

The opening track is very cinematic, the immediate image I had was the film "Bladerunner", especially with the sequenced bass-line and strings, a very strong and confident vocal too. "Never Too Late" is a darker sounding track that again has filmic qualities.

Their is a definite Ultravox influence on the impressive "Spit It Out" with the haunting piano and chugging bass-line, superb vocals again on this track.

The Bistromath Remix of "Possibilities" has a similar feel to the previous track. "Moments" is the jewell in the crown so far, a brilliant track that boasts an excellent sequence pattern and achingly beautiful vocals, loved everything about this track. "Hyperspace Bypass" has a wonderful sequenced melody line running through it, a very positive and upbeat track. "The Great Big Nothing" has as it's focal point a powerful vocal set against a dark and moody backing track.

"Afraid" is an uptempo track that uses sampled sound effects and voices and is the one track I struggled to connect with, that said, it does have a good chorus line. Next is "virtues" which is fantastic with it's moody piano stabs and synths which morph into a great minimalisic chorus section, really liked this track.

The final track is a remix by Glenn Main of the track "Never Too Late" and he has done a fantastic job of it, more atmospheric, beautiful piano pieces and a great vocal mix.

Did not know what to expect with this album, but I have to say, it once again shows that Sweden is setting the bar very high where electronic music is concerned, it's a solid album with many highlights and boasts a brilliant fusion of well thought out music and stunning vocals.


The album is available on CD as well as Digital Download via Bandcamp

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