Monday, 24 August 2015

i-Select #5

Welcome to edition #5 of a new series on White Lion Radio called, i-Select.

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Track List

Delayscape - Riding CLV
Disreflect - My Special Room
Lola Dutronic - Modern Suicide
Jonteknik Ft Martin Philip - The Bridge (Neon Remix)
Epic Dreams - Daybreak
Split Mirrors - I Can't Wait For You
Camelot - Why care?
Avantgarde - Everytime
Lola Dutronic - The End Of The World
Parallels - In Real Life
Daybehavior - Close Your Eyes (Radio Mix)
Substaat - Electric (Rossetti's Compass Remix)
Epic Dreams - Dark Clouds
Disreflect - Still I Feel
Metroland - Utopia (WLR Radio Edit)
Massive Ego - I Idolize You (Modification Edit)
Lola Dutronic - Happy Endings

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